Hi, I'm Adam. I create effective email campaigns that deliver, engage, and convert.

Email is the first line of contact between any online business and it's consumers. However, most online businesses do not take advantage of email's full potential. Email can provide you with more traffic, more revenue, and a loyal consumer base. Let's get started.

Most would say email is dead or dying. They’d point you to Instagram Pages, Facebook Advertising, or other areas where you can market to customers. Platforms like that have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the greatest thing they can be used for is to make up for the only problem with email.

What’s that? Subscribers.

You cannot gain email subscribers by using email alone. There are many proven strageties to building an email list which I use to this day, but I’ll reserve that for a session. 

Okay, so what’s so great about email?

      1. No matter how big or small you are, your readers cannot see how many “followers” you have. Your follower count among other things is very important on social media, but with email- you are judged based on how professional your content appears. Trust is a must for good numbers, and a well designed email screams trustworthy. This is one reason scammers use email over other platforms. People really trust emails that much.

      2. You are the spotlight. When a customer opens your email, they see nothing but you. Your content fills almost their entire screen. There are no distractions or notifications from competitors or social media friends to look at. If you have a well crafted email, your reader will happily read until they want to click something or decide you don’t interest them.

      3. Control. Most Social Media platforms only show a page’s content to subscribers at certain times or if a certain criteria is met. Even worse, your entire following is at the hands of a data giant. They can revoke your page and your followers at any time, meaning a huge source of your traffic or income is gone. I’ve watched this kill businesses numerous times. It’s terrible. 

Email has rules too – for the most part, don’t send content your subscribers won’t like, and you’ll be able to send a message your entire following at any time. Email will be around for a long time, and you’ll always have a copies of your followers. You can always move your email list – you cannot ever move your Facebook page. 

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