Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States (Hardcover)
Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States (Hardcover) Get it now
Benjamin Franklin Morris' book has been out of print for over 100 years. If you can find an original copy, it's only because you have looked in the deep recesses of university libraries where the volume is likely collecting dust on dimly lit library shelves.

Organizations like the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State have done their best to ignore the content of the massive compilation of original source material found in this book. If Americans ever become aware of the facts assembled by the author in this historic encyclopedia of knowledge, arguments for a secular founding of America will turn to dust.

Reprinted by American Vision for the first time in over 140 years in 2007, we can't keep this book in print!

It is already in it's tenth printing, again in a beautiful high-quality smythe-sewn hardback version with an updated cover and several formatting improvements.

Don't miss out on the fantastic wealth of information this 1000+ page book has in store. Your children and grandchildren are not being taught the truth of history in public school, and this book will correct that travesty!

Christian Life and Character could very well be responsible for the rediscovering of the truth of America's foundation in Christianity. This book should be the cornerstone of any personal, professional, church or school library for as Chaplain Sunderland (1819-1901) of the 37th Congress stated: "It may become the morning star of the mightiest day of national regeneration the world has yet beheld!" [Buy here]

Patriot's Bible: 1599 Geneva Bible Patriot's Edition
Patriot's Bible: 1599 Geneva Bible Patriot's Edition Get it now
Between 1560 and 1599, The Geneva Bible was providentially unleashed upon a dark, discouraged, downtrodden English speaking world. Just when it looked as if the Machiavellian, Divine Right kings, such as the Tudors of England, were about to drive Christendom back to the days of Caesar worship, a Bible appeared that set the stage for a Christian Reformation of life and culture the likes of which the world had never seen.

By the time of the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, just 28 years after the first printing of the Geneva Bible, it was already being said of the English that they were becoming a people of the Book. The results of a people reading and obeying the Word of God were the explosion of faith, character, the first missionary movement in history, literature, economic blessing, and political and religious freedom.

We too are living in dark days. The Biden-Harris administration and most members of congress do not not value the Faith and Freedom that our nation was built upon. The Geneva Bible is needed more than ever. After 422 years, and by the providence of God, it is back in print for you to cherish! [Buy here]

1599 Geneva Bible — Luther Edition
1599 Geneva Bible — Luther Edition Get it now
Whether you are Lutheran, Reformed, non-denominational, Baptist, or Catholic, you owe the complexion of your current church in some part to the work and legacy of Martin Luther. He was a real man, and prone to error like all humans are. But God used him mightily to begin many good works we still have yet to complete.

And this is where the Christian religion, both in Protestant and Catholic circles, has most regularly fallen short. Religion can easily become a merely human exercise, a merely external adherence to traditions. But in order for it to be true religion, it must produce works that transcend the corrupted capacities of men.

It is not mere unity that God calls us to. Unity can be achieved by fear or mutual advantage. It is the unity achieved by love that God desires, for that is a work of his Spirit. And this unity will not manifest itself in some invisible abstraction, but in a reality as tangible as bread and wine. “Pure and undefiled religion” does not primarily produce untarnished creeds, but blameless lives (James 1:27).

With all of that in mind, read and cherish this book. It is the Word of God translated into your mother tongue (though perhaps a more remote version of it than you speak in your kitchen).

Recognize in this book one of the fruits of Luther’s work: to bring the Word of God to bear on everyday life. He believed the Word of God had to be studied and known by every believer, not just “special” believers in monasteries and universities. His opponents said that the common mind would debase the lofty Word of God, just as their unwashed hands would defile the sacred elements of the Lord's Supper. [Buy here]

1776 Project: The President's Advisory 1776 Commission (Jan 2021)
1776 Project: The President's Advisory 1776 Commission (Jan 2021) Get it now
Under President Trump’s executive order, the 18-member Commission met to develop The 1776 Report to end what it calls “the radicalized view of American history that has vilified the [United States] Founders, and [its] founding.”

Beautifully demonstrating the un-whitewashed history of our nation’s past, The 1776 Report provides a succinct explanation of where our Founders stood on issues we would later learn to handle differently. History is not a living thing: it is not moral or immoral. It simply is a retelling of the actions of men and women who lived in a different time, with different ideas and thoughts from different environments and experiences. Whether those ideas would later be found pejorative is not a burden of the retelling. History should be factual: it cannot be rewritten to fit a political identity.

Released just two days prior to the close of President Trump’s first term, Joe Biden pulled The 1776 Report from the White House website and ended the Commission during an unprecedented number of executive orders signed within hours of inaugural proceedings completing.

“We find this act to be telling: the liberal left cannot accept the past simply was at it was and that we have learned from our mistakes in the past. We would not know our mistakes if we did not know our history. Those who do not look behind are doomed to repeat in the future. Many a word has been written to this effect.”

So the question is begged, why is the left so determined to rewrite history? Could it be because they are terrified we will begin to dig deeper into the failed policies of socialism and communism? Is it because their “progress” demands regression into government control, elitist power, and the censorship of a formerly free people?

Decide for yourself. Think for yourself. And enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own this beautiful 1776 Report, as a lasting gift to the American people: the gift of history unaltered. [Buy here]

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