May 24th 2021 Edition

Texas Republicans Fail to Pass Bills Banning Sex Change Procedures in Children.

- Steve F. Hotze, M.D.

Governor Abbott and Speaker Phelan prevented three separate bills, which would have prevented sex change drugs and sex change surgery on children, from being voted on by the Texas House.

These bills are dead, HB 1399 by Rep. Krause, SB 1646 by Sen. Perry, and SB 1311 by Sen. Hall.

This is the same thing that happened in the Texas House in 2017 under liberal Republican Speaker Joe Straus, after the Texas Senate had passed SB 6, which would have prevented men from entering women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. Straus would not bring it up for a vote and it died.

In both instances, Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick and the Republican leadership have capitulated to the corporations and their lobbyists who support the perverted, transgender pro-homosexual movement.

Protecting children from perverted sex change procedures was a top priority of the Republican Party of Texas and of Conservative Republicans of Texas.

Gov. Abbott and Speaker Phelan should have made it their priority this Texas Legislative Session. Had they done so, these bills would have already been passed.

It’s time for a change in Republican leadership across the board.

Status of the Bills that Conservative Republicans of Texas Have Been Supporting During this Texas Legislative Session

Bills That Have Passed

Senate Bill (SB) 8 - The Heartbeat Bill. This bill bans abortion procedures at six weeks, when a fetal heartbeat is detected. It has been sent to Gov. Abbott for his signature.

Bills That Are Pending

SB 29 Bans Boys from Competing As Girls, Against Girls in Interscholastic Athletic Competition by Sen. Charles Perry. This bill has passed the Senate and the House Public Education Committee. It has been set for a vote by the Calendars Committee. It must pass before the end of day, Tuesday, May 25th.

SB 7 Election Protection Omnibus Bill – SB 7 passed the Senate and was sent to the House Elections Committee. That committee substituted the language of HB 6, the House’s Election Protection Omnibus Bill, into SB 7. It was further amended on the House floor and passed. It is now in a Joint House Senate Conference Committee to finalize the language. It will be completely rewritten by this conference committee.

House Bill (HB) 1927 Constitutional Firearms Carry – It would remove the requirement for Texas residents to obtain a license to carry handguns if they’re not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a gun. It passed the Texas House. It was amended in the Texas Senate and then passed. There will be a Joint House Senate Conference Committee to reconcile the differences.

SB 10 Ban on City and County Governments Using Taxpayer Dollars to Lobby by Sen. Paul Bettencourt passed the Senate on April 15. On May 14 it passed the House State Affairs Committee and has been scheduled by the House Calendars Committee. It has until Tuesday, May 25, to be considered by the House before dying.

HB 3979 –Ban on Critical Race Theory by Rep. Steve Toth. This bill has passed both the House and the Senate. It is now in a Joint House Senate Conference Committee to reconcile and finalize the language of the bill.

Contact your legislators at and tell them to support SB 29, which bans boys from competing as girls against girls in interscholastic sports competitions.

House Recesses for 3 Days, Killing Hundreds of Bills

Among the casualties is Republican Party of Texas priority legislation to prohibit doctors from performing child gender modification procedures.

With just 10 days left in the legislative session—and a major deadline approaching on Tuesday—the Texas House recessed before 2 p.m. on Thursday until Sunday at 1 p.m., while priority legislation hangs in the balance.

The recess was not caused by a lack of pending business. Indeed, calendars had already been set for Friday and Saturday. Instead, those bills will now be considered on Sunday.

If lawmakers aren’t caught up by the time they adjourn on Sunday, the remaining bills will roll over to Monday’s calendar, and so on.

(Read More)

Abbott, Patrick, House Speaker Phelan Received $250K+ From PAC of Medical Center with Clinic That Chemically Castrates ‘Transgender’ Kids.

Campaign finance records reveal that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dade Phelan received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a PAC for a clinic that offers hormone treatment to allegedly transgender children.

UT Southwestern Medical Center hosts the Gender Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support (GENECIS) program, which is the “first and largest program in the southwest that provides multidisciplinary care to transgender children and adolescents.” While the program does not offer surgery to children, it does offer a number of so-called “treatments” that may amount to chemical castration, including hormone therapy, menstruation suppression, and puberty suppression. (Read More)

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Depopulation and Transhumanism

The COVID-19 scamdemic and the experimental gene modification injection are about depopulation and transhumanism. If you think that any of this is about your health or public health, then you have believed the lies.

Gates, Fauci, the government health bureaucrats, the media, your pharmaceutical drug dealing conventional doctors, and the politicians have lied to you about this plandemic from the very beginning. It's always been about creating fear in you, so that they can gain power, control and money.

Come to your senses and quit believing the lies!

The proponents of the New World Order (NWO) want to transform humanity and bring about the Great Reset. One of their major goals is the depopulation of the earth in order to remove the undesirables. This is the modern day eugenics movement which Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and their ilk promote.

Klaus Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Schwab wrote the book, COVID-19: The Great Reset Schwab and the WEF are promoting the idea of a 4th Industrial Revolution involving an Internet of Bodies which fuses the physical, digital and biological. (Read More)

What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is a way of thinking about the future that is based on the premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development but rather a comparatively early phase.

Transhumanism is a loosely defined movement that has developed gradually over the past two decades. (Read More)

The Experimental Injection and Microchip Places Anyone Who Takes Them on the Road to Transhumanism - Dr. Carrie Madej

One of the ingredients in the Covid-19 vaccine is something called Luciferase. Yes, this sounds like something from an old Hal Lindsey Rapture book, but it is in fact real.

Dr. Carrie Madej (yes she is a real medical doctor) in clear and understandable English, describes the function of Luciferase and the other parts of the Moderna vaccine. (Video)

Will New COVID Vaccine Make You Transhuman?

Two years ago, in October 2018, Forbes contributor Neil Sahota, a United Nations artificial intelligence adviser and UC Irvine professor, warned that transhumanism is fast approaching—likely faster than you think. “In the past few years, there has been considerable discussion around the idea we are slowly merging with our technology, that we are becoming transhuman, with updated abilities, including enhanced intelligence, strength, and awareness,” Sahota writes.

The goal of the transhumanist movement, or “Human 2.0,” is to transcend biology into technology. Or, as Dr. Carrie Madej explains in the video above, to meld human biology with technology and artificial intelligence. (Read More)

Microchipping employees raises apocalyptic questions.

The apocalyptic "mark of the beast" prophecy in the Bible makes some wary of a Wisconsin company's recent decision to embed microchips into the hands of willing employees.

The end times account in the New Testament's Book of Revelation warns believers about being marked on the right hand and the forehead by the Antichrist.

But inserting rice-sized microchips under the skin of Three Square Market employees does not fulfill the prophecy. (Read More)


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)BIOCHIP TO ‘SAVE’ US FROM COVID CAN CONTROL HUMAN DNA. (Read More)

The Vaccine from Hell

Take the dark-tech of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), its civilian counterpart BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research & Development), the stealth-ness of nanotechnology, the Gates Foundation funded “Quantum Dot Tattoo” aka “mark of the beast,” and combine it with micro-needling as an inoculation platform that is conceived from how snakes inject their venom into their prey, and nanogels that can connect with external technologies outside your body like smart phones, the cloud or other smart devices (5G from satellites), and what do you have? (Read More)

Hydrogel, Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA)

Ever heard of hydrogel?

You may have if you watched this video when Dr. Carrie Madej talked about it.

It’s basically a synthetic gel that once it’s in your body, can release anything that’s in the gel.

This is why the deep state calls part of this an “on demand drug delivery system”. But what else could it be doing?

(Read More)

Gates and Fauci have had corrupt financial entanglements for years. (Read More)

The Mysterious Death of Fauci’s Most Notable Critic, Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Kary Mullis, Inventor of the PCR Test (Video)

Caught Red-Handed: CDC Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Those Who Took The Experimental Shot (Read More)

CDC Documents: “No Quantified Virus Isolates Of The COVID-19 Virus Are Available”

Former CBS Healthwatch reporter and author of The Matrix Revealed Jon Rappaport exposed the Center for Disease Control for its blatant propaganda regarding COVID-19. In one of their own documents they state quite clearly: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…” Since that is the case, that there are no quantified virus isolates, how can one be sure of what is being determined as COVID-19 is, in fact, COVID-19?

(Read More)

CDC Quietly Admits The Death Toll From COVID Vaccines Is Greater Than Every Vaccine In The Last 20 Years COMBINED. (Read More)

How Many Have Died From COVID Vaccines?

- Dr. Joe Mercola

In a May 5, 2021, Fox News report, Tucker Carlson asked the question no one is really allowed to ask: “How many Americans have died after taking the COVID vaccine?”

If you haven’t paid attention, the answer to this verboten (forbidden) question may shock you. Carlson points out (inaccurately, if you ask me) that vaccines have been shown to be generally safe, citing statistics on how many Americans have died after the seasonal influenza vaccine in recent years.

Each year, more than 165 million Americans get the flu shot, and according to the U.S. vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS), there were 85 reported deaths following influenza vaccination in 2017; 119 deaths in 2018; and 203 deaths in 2019. “How do those rates compare to the death rates from the coronavirus vaccine?” Carlson asks. The answer is, there’s really no comparison.


How to survive the engineered EXTERMINATION of the human race. (Video)

FINAL WARNING from Ex Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon, “It is all about depopulation.” (Video)

Anxiety Relief with Progesterone

- By Steve F. Hotze, M.D.

Ladies, is anxiety interfering with your life? We all know what it feels like to be anxious, but when it starts to happen all the time, it can be debilitating. These feelings are more than just uncomfortable. Things that you never used to worry about can almost paralyze you with fear. While there are many causes of anxiety, today let’s talk about a very common cause in women: a progesterone deficiency.


Anxiety is defined as a state of uneasiness and apprehension. Symptoms include being anxious, nervous and irritable, scared for no reason, fear of impending doom, feelings of panic, ill at ease or worry. People with anxiety can have excessive, persistent worry and fear about things that one wouldn’t normally worry about. Often this extreme anxiety can lead to a panic attack, or sudden surges of overwhelming fear that come without warning, accompanied by physical symptoms such as a pounding heart, sweating, and rapid breathing. When excessive anxiety occurs daily, it becomes disabling. (Read More)

If you are interested in developing a personal relationship with God, then read the Four Spiritual Laws and learn how you can.

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