May 26th 2021 Edition

SB 1109 is a Trojan Horse Allowing the LGBTQ Sex Indoctrination of School Children

- Steven Hotze, M.D.

SB 1109 was authored by far left Sen. Royce West which should immediately raise a red flag. West introduced it under the auspices of requiring government schools to provide instruction and material and policies to students in junior and senior high school relating to the prevention of child abuse, domestic violence and dating violence.

In reality SB 1109 is a Trojan horse which gives the pro-homosexual, pro-transgender sex education lobby and teachers the opportunity to use pro-LGBTQ, comprehensive sex educational material to indoctrinate school children in perverted behaviors. This would include teaching abortion as an acceptable method of birth control.

Will children be taught that it is child abuse to conduct sex change procedures on children or will this be promoted? You know the answer to this.

Abbott, Patrick, Speaker Phelan and Republican legislators have not opposed SB 1109, but they failed to pass legislation that would have banned sex change procedures on children. What is going on with these cowardly Republicans?

Don’t trust any bills of this nature especially when they are promoted by the pro-LGBTQ Democrats.

As usual there are no definition of terms in SB 1109. The leftist Democrats use language which means one thing to conservatives and Christians and something completely different to themselves, in order to gain acceptability for their wicked schemes.

SB 1109 adopts a statewide mandate and does not belong on the Local and Consent calendar.

SB 1109 needs to be killed when it is brought up on the Local and Consent Calendar today, Wednesday, May 26.

Please call your state representative and tell him or her to vote NO on SB 1109.

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DARPA Hydrogel and the Human Pineal Gland

That our overlords are after our Pineal Glands is known to many, but it seems Fluoride and Aluminium are not doing the job for them at the speed they require. There are many papers on what Pineal Gland does for us but all of them agree that it’s essential for all higher brain functions. It also produces Serotonin (happiness hormone) and we all know our ruling class don’t want us Happy… just look at our MSM, Fear is the main commodity being sold there.

What can they do to shut down our Pineal Gland more effectively? Ask yourself why MSM hammers down on testing-testing-testing with a PCR test we all know it’s not fit for purpose?

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Bio-identical Hormones, the Natural Solution

- Steven Hotze, MD

Are you confused about hormone replacement therapy?

If you’re just now learning about hormone replacement therapy, then you may wonder which option is best for you. You’ve no doubt heard about bioidentical hormones. However, you still may be confused because there has been a lot of hype about hormones in general. There is a big difference between bioidentical and counterfeit hormones, and this has led to a lot of confusion when it comes to deciding how to treat symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Bioidentical vs. Counterfeit Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones produced by your body. Counterfeit hormones are not. Take Premarin, for instance. Premarin, which is derived from pregnant mare urine, contains numerous horse estrogens that are not found in humans. Birth control pills contain progestins, which is very different from progesterone. Provera contains medroxyprogesterone, again, not progesterone. Counterfeit hormones have been shown to have numerous negative side effects, including increased risk of blood clots, stroke and heart disease, as well as breast cancer.

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