Jewish Star Newspaper: If You Support Israel And Oppose Anti-Semitism, You Must Vote For Trump

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This week’s Jewish Star Newspaper featured dueling op-eds on the front page, one supporting Trump and the other supporting Biden. The top (and best) of the two op-eds was written by yours truly explained why American Jews must vote for President Trump and is reproduced below.

Star columnist writes: If you support Israel and oppose anti-Semitism, you must vote for Trump.

Anyone who follows the news or investigates the candidates should know there is only one choice for pro-Jewish or pro-Israel voters: a vote to re-elect President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden and the Democrats claim they are pro-Israel. Not really.

If Biden was pro-Israel, he would not have scolded the Jewish state during his first VP run, warning it then that it should get used to a nuclear Iran. If Biden cared about the Jewish state, his platform would not include having the US rejoin the awful JCPOA nuke deal, thereby allowing Iran to go nuclear in 2025.

Biden has never been a big supporter of Israel. As vice president, he never fought against Barack Obama’s blatant anti-Semitism or the anti-Semites in his party who have come out of the closet in recent years. Since his party’s base consists of extreme leftists and socialists, the wind will blow Biden even further against the Jews and Israel if he is elected.

Read The Full Article Here
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