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You Cant Force People to Change

Dear Friends,

We know all too well the heartbreak and frustration when you love someone that is struggling with addiction.

You see them self-destructing before your very eyes and you become willing to do anything and everything to try and save them.

Addiction treatment professionals charge big dollars for intervention and treatment services that are designed to corner the substance user to capitulate using shame, fear, and every manner of negative coercive tactics.

These strategies often fail and do irreparable damage to already strained relationships. Instead of going into treatment, the substance user often feels more isolated, depressed, and determined to keep doing what they are doing.

And those that agree to go into treatment usually go right back to heavy use once they leave the treatment program.

The harsh truth is you can’t save someone from themselves, but you can learn strategies that are more likely to lead to improved relationships and to achieve your ultimate goal, which is to show this person they may actually be happier making a change to their substance use habits.

The Freedom Model for Addictions is a completely different approach to helping people to resolve their addictions.

The Freedom Model was developed over 31 years of intensive research and experience helping tens of thousands of substance users and their families. With a 63% success rate that has been independently verified by two separate outside research organizations, The Freedom Model has the highest rate of success in the world – without using coercive and abusive tactics.

If you love someone who is struggling and you’re looking for a more effective way to approach them about their problem, you can download our free ebooks: Addiction Solutions: Family Edition for you, and The Freedom Model Abridged Ebook for your loved one.

Download our ebooks below.

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Here are some other non-12 step options from the researchers at The Freedom Model:
  1. Freedom Model for the Family book.
  2. Learn the Freedom Model from the comfort of home. The Freedom Model Private Instruction Program:
  3. Learn the Freedom Model where more than 9,400 people have over the last 31 years; at The St. Jude Retreat:
From our books to our at-home private instruction program, to a residential stay at our private retreat, The Freedom Model has an affordable non-12 step solution to any addiction.
To discuss these options you can call us directly at 888-424-2626. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you find the option that best fits your needs.

Kindest Regards,

The Freedom Model Team
Number: 1.888.424.2626

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