February 23, 2021 Edition

Texas Winter Storm 2021 Causes,
Economic Damage, Reset, Prevention

Yesterday, I received the following evaluation, in point form, of last week’s winter storm and its financial repercussions from Keith Maxwell, CEO of Spark Energy.

Due to dramatic consumer price increases in electricity that occurred last week, caused by increased prices of electric generation, many individuals and businesses will receive enormously high electric bills. Many energy retailers, who do not generate the electricity, but only distribute it, may be forced into bankruptcy, because of the huge increase in their cost of electricity caused by the increase in the price of natural gas needed to produce the electricity.

Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Speaker Dade Phelan, and the Texas Legislature must act quickly to prevent an economic crisis in the electric energy sector of our state.

Keith Maxwell lays out the solution in the following point form.

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Did China Cyberattack the Texas Electrical Power Grid?
- Steven Hotze, M.D.

It came to my attention that the Chinese may be involved in disrupting the Texas electrical grid.

Researching Biden’s Executive Orders (EO) this morning, I found something buried in the Keystone Piepline EO, near the end of the document.

It turns out that on the same day Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, he also lifted the security on our power grid for 90 days. Trump’s EO from the previous year had secured our power grid by denying China access.

Below is the portion buried in Biden’s Keystone pipeline EO.

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