The world is working hard to persuade our sons and daughters to replace their belief in God, love for family, and duty to country with false idols, Critical Race Theory, and The 1619 Project (to name just a few).

It isn’t enough to simply go to church for an hour on Sunday and expect our young adults to effectively combat these and other lies.

We must actively engage with them and provide biblical training and resources so that they learn how to “put on the full armor of God” and stand boldly on His Word.

For the last 10 years, Reasons for Hope has been training and equipping the next generation to boldly stand on the Word of God!

They understand the next generation, and their teachers, special events, digital content and other resources will equip them to think biblically (critically) so they don’t fall for deception or get duped by leftist nonsense.

Truth is, if our worldview is based on anything other than the Word of God, we can easily be swayed to think wrongly about important (even eternal) topics.

When our teenagers learn to think biblically, they will be able to think rightly about marriage, truth, happiness, sexuality, racism, identity, and politics, which will enrich their lives and empower them to communicate the timeless truths of God’s Word with confidence and humility. And that my friends, can change the world!

Take a look at the popular DeBunked Videos that quickly, humorously, and courageously address some of the biggest issues of our time from a Biblical Worldview.

Or, watch their Long-Form Teaching from their captivating speakers on topics like There Is No Truth, As Long As God Gets the Glory, Today’s Answer To Racism, Becoming Bold, Something From Nothing, The Three Chairs, and much more!

Whether you book a speaker, watch a DeBunked Video, tune into FastFacts, check out their Spanish content, or binge-watch DeBunkedTV or Two Minute Teachings, we are confident that you will find all the great resources from Reasons For Hope/DeBunked refreshing, uplifting, and most importantly, useful in training and equipping a new generation to stand boldly on the Word of God.
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