She was fired for being a conservative.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Have you heard about Paige Casey–a young nurse who was unjustly fired?

For years, she faithfully served her community, working as a nurse practitioner at a local CVS MinuteClinic in Virginia.

When she was hired, she made her employer aware that her Catholic faith prevented her from prescribing or dispensing abortion-inducing drugs.

CVS accommodated her religious conviction for three-and-a-half years and didn’t require her to administer any life-ending drugs.

But then in 2022, they told Paige they would no longer allow her religious freedom.

A few months later, she was fired—just two days after earning a performance-based raise. This is blatant religious discrimination, and according to Virginia law — it’s illegal.

You know this. The Radical Left is strangling our country and stripping us of our individual liberty. They are rewriting our history, pushing anti-American policies, promoting communist propaganda, and forcing their woke agenda down our throats. We are choking on woke.

The’ve already gained control of the educational system, the government, and the media. Now they are after the workplace! Big corporations have already kneeled to their atheistic religion of intolerance and hate. There’s only a few places left where it is safe to be a Christian and conservative.

You probably know a coworker or employee –– or worse, an employer –– who has made the workplace very uncomfortable for Conservatives!

There are thousands of horror stories of companies mandating medical experiments, demanding pronoun alternatives, or by downright trashing President Trump and attacking anyone who voted for him. We have a real crisis in the American workforce!

You’re working hard enough to put food on the table and gas in the tank during Biden’s floundering economy.

You shouldn’t have to fear for your job because you are a conservative.

That’s why we have partnered with the team at to help out employers and employees who have had enough of woke tyranny at work.

Red Balloon has placed thousands of job-seekers in woke-free workplaces, and we can find you a new job, too.

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This is just the beginning.

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Let's build the new American workplace together!

For God & Country,

Brandon Vallorani
Founder and CEO of Flag & Cross
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