Americans are sick of woke 'Karen' at work. 

You know what I mean: 

  • “Why are you other-ing Elliot?” 

  • “Show me your vaccine papers!” 

  • “We must hire more female, Hispanic, differently-abled immigrants! (and stop asking what a female is!)” 

We here at have had enough. We’ve placed thousands of job-seekers in woke-free workplaces, and we can find you a new job too. 

It’s time to dump Karen. 

Dump Karen.

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This is just
 the beginning.

Over 2000 employers have committed to free-speech, medically-private workplaces at Last month launched the Pro-Freedom Employee Profile, a brand new way for employees to communicate what matters about their values and their career. We're committed to changing the American workplace. Let's build the new American workplace together!

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