Recently, I spoke in a Christian school.

On the first day (in my second of thirteen talks) I challenged the students and asked for a volunteer. Jacob, a senior, came forward.

Here’s what followed in part:

Me: “Jacob, thanks for volunteering. Imagine you’re a freshman in my college class next year.”

Jacob: “Ok!”

Me: On day 1 I ask if there are any Christians in my class, and you raise your hand. Are you ready?

Jacob: Yeah.

Me: Jacob, you’re a Christian? How can you believe in a loving God who allows so much death and suffering? What about Carbon Dating, it proves the earth’s millions of years old which means death’s been here long before “Adam and Eve”? And, if we do all go back to one man and one woman, what about incest? Shouldn’t we all just be a bunch of idiots by now with all of the inbreeding? What about all the mistakes and errors in the Bible? What about the fossils that prove evolution? What about a global flood, where’d all the water come from? Where’d it all go to? How’d they fit all the animals on a boat? How do you answer Jacob?

Jacob: (LONG pause - deer in the headlights look on his face!) . . . Well, the Bible . . .

Me: No way Jacob, do not bring that old, outdated book that’s filled with copying errors and mistakes in my room. You’re a Christian, why do you believe this stuff if you can’t give me a basic answer?”

Jacob: (Another LONG pause!) . . . I don’t have a clue!

Before you write me off as a jerk, I immediately told him (and the entire high school) that I was NOT trying to diminish or embarrass them.

I was doing to him what is unfortunately happening in schools across our country. I told them that they were NOT prepared to meet these professors or students who are so antagonistic toward Christians and that I cared deeply enough to not play games with them.

I told them that I was going to train and equip them to give good reasons for their faith.

Their involvement was TOTALLY different after that. Every time I saw Jacob he fist-bumped me.

Students engaged me at every turn.

A sophomore asked if she could invite friends to her house on Saturday evening and if I would do a special presentation for them.

She filled her living/dining room and we had an amazing time.

Honestly though, MOST Christians can’t answer WHY they believe what they believe!

This is why we made, DeBunked VIDEOS!

They’re short, fast-paced videos that captivate, entertain and help answer questions youth are asking. The one’s I rattled off to Jacob.

We want you to have them for FREE.

Here’s our brand new one dealing with what the fossil record actually “proves”!

Would you please help us make more videos?

Join Kirk Cameron, Sean McDowell and others to hear how you can.

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Thank You.

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