Did Jesus Commit Suicide?
And 27 Other Questions Teens Are Asking About the Bible...

As our children become teenagers, they begin to think critically about what they were taught growing up in church. And if our teens attend government schools, they are taught that the Bible is not true. Rather than reinforcing the the belief that they are created special by God, our teens are told they just a product of random chance processes.

No purpose in life. The Bible's history—and subsequently its theology—is completely contradicted.

At best, they are taught that the Bible is nothing but a nice collection of moral stories. Today, the morality of the world is 180 degrees opposite of what is taught in God’s Word. Doubts creep in. By the time they attend their first philosophy course, what’s left of their faith is shattered on the rocks of the college campus.

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As parents, we hope and pray that our teens will holdfast to their Christian faith throughout their whole lives. One way to ensure this happens is to have answers for the hard questions our teens ask (or are too afraid to ask) their parents, pastor, or youth leaders.

This hard-hitting book gives you the answers to 28 of the most hard-hitting questions that teens are asking about the Bible. In fact, adults are curious about these questions too!

Parents, this is your opportunity to be a hero to your son or daughter! This is a journey you can take together and discover that God’s Word is true and that it has real answers for this life and the life to come.

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