Did Jesus Commit Suicide?
And 27 Other Questions Teens Are Asking About the Bible...

As Christian parents, we hope and pray that our teens will hold fast to their Christian faith throughout their whole lives.

Where do your sons and daughters go to get answers to some of the most important and challenging questions of our time? Public schools? Google? TikTok?

You and I know that these days, more than ever, they are being attacked for their faith and challenged with questions about heaven and hell, relativism, pornography, the reliablity of the Bible, LGBT issues, and a lot more.

Here are just a few questions which are covered by this book:
  • Did Jesus commit suicide? Isn’t that a sin?
  • Why does God create homosexuals and then condemn them?
  • Why is pornography so wrong?
  • Did God use evolution to create the world?
  • Is Hell Really Forever?
  • Aren’t there contradictions in the Gospels?
  • How Can I Fight and Overcome Fear?
  • Why do my parents feel like they need to shove Christianity down my throat?
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Parents, this is your opportunity to be a hero to your son or daughter! This is a journey you can take together and discover that God’s Word is true and that it has real and meaningful answers to questions your kids are asking.

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"Bold teens asking bold questions and getting bold answers. That pretty well sums up Carl Kerby’s newest book, Did Jesus Commit Suicide—and 27 Other Questions Teens Are Asking. Carl and the other authors who provide answers know teens—and that’s important. But more significant is that they know God and His Word, which form the firm foundation of the answers they give. Written in a down-to-earth, straight-forward, conversational style, this book is very welcome and much needed for teens—and for parents and youth leaders—if we are going to have a generation that will truly ‘Stay bold’ for the Savior and His truth."

— Julaine Appling | President of Wisconsin Family Action

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