Fellow American,

The last few years have been something else.

The unhinged, dishonest, shameless, and politically-motived anti-cop “activists” have had the megaphone, both literally and metaphorically.

That megaphone has been on social media, in the press, and during protests and riots on the streets of major cities across America.

At the National Police Association, we’re saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

The loudest voice DOES NOT win the argument... we’re tired of their lies, of their twisting of case facts for political talking points, and of their dangerous anti-top rhetoric.

We’ve published an article detailing how to tell when a police critic has NO CLUE what they’re talking about. We think these clues can be extremely useful.

Check out the article, and share it with others you know who are sick of this nonsense.

Too often police are targeted, attacked, sued, falsely-accused, slandered, and even murdered by ungrateful radicals hell-bent on lawlessness.

We need to stand up and FIGHT BACK against the “Defund the Police” radicals, and stand with our men and women on the front lines to protect and serve!

Please pitch in what you can – whether it’s $5, $50, or $500, EVERY donation is a big help.

Our job is to set the record straight when radical, anti-police groups try to rip the lives and reputations and policemen and women apart.

We remain on constant, vigilant watch and rally patriotic citizens like you to come to the defense of law enforcement officers through our growing grassroots network.

That’s why I’m hoping you’ll make a donation to the National Police Association today.

Your generous support will help HONOR our fallen heroes, SUPPORT police officers in court, ADVOCATE on behalf of police across the country, and FIGHT BACK against cop-haters targeting our brave men and women.

Protect Our Police
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