A lot has happened since the White House announced its plans to mandate COVID vaccines for federal employees and contractors. One of the more notable impacts has been that countless Americans are being forced to choose between their livelihoods and their bodily sovereignty.

The severe social pressure surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine is like nothing we've ever seen before. Americans are being required to prove their vaccination status to go to work or to stay enrolled in school, and the unvaccinated continue to be treated as second-class citizens.

Because of this tyranny, the team at MedChoice continues to work around the clock to provide handwritten, physician-signed medical waivers to those citizens who qualify.

This product is the pinnacle of legitimacy. Your waiver is handwritten on a prescription pad and signed by one of our docs. The prescription paper itself is security watermarked and can’t be purchased unless you are a licensed physician.

The legal foundation for medical exemptions was established historically with required childhood vaccinations and currently with the mask mandates.

For example, based on the CDC's federal regulation, the FAA mask mandate was published on January 29, 2021, and can be found on their website (faa.gov). The CDC policy is explained on their website in an 11-page document. Page 4 of the policy, including footnote #8, lists exceptions to the mask mandate.

Included in this list is "medical documentation by a licensed medical provider."

The vaccine mandates reflect the elements of the mask mandates, including an exemption based on documentation from a medical provider. The multitude of employers and schools that now have vaccine mandates have all included the option for a medical exemption.

Unfortunately, no provision in the Constitution ensures access to your favorite restaurant, your job, travel, or a ball game.

The reality is that the government and private entities can legally coerce anyone to get the vaccine.

The only exception applies to people who can't get the vaccine because of medical circumstances or valid religious beliefs.

The MedChoice Handwritten Vaccine Waiver satisfies all of the necessary exemption requirements and offers a concise and professional manner by which you can claim your release.

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There are no federal or state laws that provide unique power to doctors’ notes; however, they are still universally recognized and honored. This card verifies that you have a valid medical reason not to receive this specific vaccine.

It is up to you, the holder, to present the card confidently and, if challenged, declare that “federal law prohibits any restriction to access based on a medical circumstance,” specifically federal law 42 USCS § 12101. The holder should assert that they CANNOT receive the vaccine based on medical grounds. This waiver is not based on personal preference but on medical circumstances (Some individuals want the vaccine but are medically ineligible).

Furthermore, Gatekeepers are NOT allowed to ask about the circumstances of your waiver or what medical reason makes you ineligible for the vaccine. No one can scrutinize your medical exemption without posing questions about your medical history, which are illegal.

To apply for the waiver, you will first need to determine your eligibility by answering a few short questions, which you can do by clicking here.

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