March 9, 2021 Edition

Conservative Republicans of Texas Hosts Election Protection Dinner

-Steven F. Hotze, M.D

Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Commissioner

On Tuesday, March 2nd, Conservative Republicans of Texas and Texans for True Conservatives hosted a dinner meeting for Republican State Legislators and leaders of conservative organizations from across Texas at the Headliner’s Club in Austin. Over 50 legislators and leaders were in attendance.

Among the elected officials in attendance were Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller, Senator Bob Hall, Representatives Briscoe Cain, Tan Parker, Doc Anderson, Kyle Biedermann, Dennis Paul, Glenn Rogers, Bryan Slaton, John Smithee, Phil Stephenson, Valoree Swanson, Ed Thompson, Steve Toth and Terry Wilson, as were former state representatives Rick Green and Molly White.

The purpose of the dinner was to discuss Election Protection: Stop Election Fraud.

The speakers were Russ Ramsland, President of Allied Security Operations Group out of Dallas, who is focused on exposing computer voter fraud in Texas and around the nation; Jared Woodfill, J.D., former Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, 2002-2014, who filed several lawsuits leading up to the 2020 General Election involving official violations of the Texas Election Code; Aubrey Taylor and Gerry Wayne Monroe, leading Harris County conservatives in the African-American community, who know first-hand how the Democrats commit election fraud; and Dave Roberts, founder of Texans for True Conservatives.

During their presentations, the speakers explained how election fraud was perpetrated by Democrats in Texas and around the nation during the 2018 and 2020 election cycles. Unless Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick and the Republican Legislature tighten the Texas Election Code to stop election fraud, then the Democrats will steal future elections and turn Texas blue, forever.

Election Protection is the top priority of Conservative Republicans of Texas. Our goal is to ensure that every legal vote is counted. Future elections must be conducted in such a manner that the 2020 general election environment, which was conducive to massive voter fraud, is prevented.

Aubrey Taylor and Gerry Wayne Monroe

Election Protection: Stop Election Fraud
Twenty-three (23) Recommended Texas Election
Code Changes to Ensure Election Integrity
2021 Texas Legislative Session

-Steven F. Hotze, M.D

We uncovered the Democrats’ massive election fraud scheme in Harris County. Had we not exposed and disrupted it, then the Democrats would have illegally harvested hundreds of thousands of ballots by mail and turned Texas blue.

The ballot by mail and computer election fraud schemes were successfully implemented nationwide in the major metropolitan areas that were controlled by the Communist Democrats.

The Texas Legislature must adopt election code revisions that ensure election integrity and prevent the Communist Democrats’ illegal voter fraud schemes. Unless these revisions are made, the Democrats will steal elections through voter fraud and turn Texas blue.

Here are the provisions that need to be adopted in the 2021 Texas Legislature to secure election integrity.

1. Purge every voter file of anyone who has died or moved out of the county, annually

2. Eliminate computer voting machines.

3. Eliminate Early Voting because the U.S. Constitution in Article 1, Section 4 gave Congress the right to set the election date for federal elections. That date is set by federal statute as “the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November.”

4. Ballots by mail may only be issued on the basis of medical disability, military personnel or if the registered voter will be out of the county on election day.

5. Ballots by mail must be applied for by the individual registered voter.

6. Applications for ballot by mail may not be sent to voters by any organization.

7. Applications for ballot by mail may only be sent by the county clerk to the voter if the voter requests it.

8. Ballots by mail must be mailed and postmarked 4 days prior to election day.

9. If ballots by mail are not mailed, then they must be turned in on election day, only at the county courthouse.

10. Each registered voter can only vote in their assigned precinct on election day.

11. Each precinct receives paper ballots corresponding to the number of registered voters in that precinct.

12. At the end of election day, the ballots will be returned under lock and key to the county courthouse where they will be tabulated. The total number of voted and unvoted ballots in a precinct must balance with the number of ballots issued in that precinct.

13. The number of voted ballots in each precinct must equal to the number of registered voters who voted in person, corresponding to the election day voter sign in sheet, plus those who voted by absentee ballot.

14. Each sign in sheet, for those registered voters who voted in person, must be checked by an alternative judge or poll watcher, to ensure that there are no forgeries.

15. Each precinct’s ballots will then be preserved separately for future recount or legal challenges.

16. Alternate Election Judges and Poll Watchers of the various political parties on the ballot will be given full access at the precinct election location to verify that the election process is lawfully conducted.

17. Drive thru voting is strictly prohibited.

18. The Sheriff’s department of each county must be on duty to respond in real time to reports of voter fraud or violations of the Texas Election Code.

19. Each county will report the county’s election results to the Secretary of State after a bipartisan committee in each county has agreed to the election results of that county.

20. The Secretary of State will certify and report the results through a bipartisan process.

21. Harvesting of ballots by mail will be 2nd degree felony punishable by a $5000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.

22. All violations of the Texas Election Code will be felony offenses.

23. Voter's picture identification is required for every in-person voter on election day; voters must be legal United States citizens.

Adopting the above measures will enable us to create a tight rein on the voting process, so that we can ensure election integrity.

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