March 16, 2021 Edition

Vaccine Expert Warns WHO to
“Halt All COVID-19 Mass Vaccinations”

-Steve Hotze, MD

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a world renowned scientist and vaccine expert, has issued a grave warning about the impending global health catastrophe caused by the so-called COVID-19 “vaccine.” Dr. Bossche has worked closely in the past with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

On March 6, 2021, Dr. Bossche published his letter to the World Health Organization (WHO), warning against the administration of the so-called COVID-19 “vaccine” during a pandemic. He wrote, “In this agonizing letter, I put all of my reputation and credibility at stake.”

In the letter he writes, “One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus (SARS-CoV-2) into a bio-weapon of mass destruction.”

The following video contains an interview with Dr. Bossche during which he explains why this mass vaccination program, given during a pandemic, will lead to viral mutations which are more infectious and dangerous.

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Open Letter to World Health Organization

-Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD.​

To all authorities, scientists and experts around the world, to whom this concerns: the entire world population.

I am all but an antivaxxer. As a scientist I do not usually appeal to any platform of this kind to make a stand on vaccine-related topics. As a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert I only make an exception when health authorities allow vaccines to be administered in ways that threaten public health, most certainly when scientific evidence is being ignored.

The present extremely critical situation forces me to spread this emergency call. As the unprecedented extent of human intervention in the Covid-19pandemic is now at risk of resulting in a global catastrophe without equal, this call cannot sound loudly and strongly enough.

As stated, I am not against vaccination. On the contrary, I can assure you that each of the current vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientists. However, this type of prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic.

Vaccinologists, scientists and clinicians are blinded by the positive short-term effects in individual patents, but don’t seem to bother about the disastrous consequences for global health. Unless I am scientifically proven wrong, it is difficult to understand how current human interventions will prevent circulating variants from turning into a wild monster.

Racing against the clock, I am completing my scientific manuscript, the publication of which is, unfortunately, likely to come too late given the ever increasing threat from rapidly spreading, highly infectious variants. This is why I decided to already post a summary of my findings as well as my keynote speech at the recent Vaccine Summit in Ohio on LinkedIn.

Last Monday, I provided international health organizations, including the WHO, with my analysis of the current pandemic as based on scientifically informed insights in the immune biology of Covid-19. Given the level of emergency, I urged them to consider my concerns and to initiate a debate on the detrimental consequences of further ‘viral immune escape’.

For those who are no experts in this field, I am attaching below a more accessible and comprehensible version of the science behind this insidious phenomenon.

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