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This is a beautifully illustrated children's story about the sanctity of life and living selflessly for others. Follow Mobi as he learns the value of life at all stages.

The overturn of Roe v. Wade was a HUGE win for humanity! To celebrate this major victory for life, we have made a commemorative edition of Little Lives Matter that is signed by Elizabeth Johnston and sealed with a commemorative gold medallion. Let everyone know that life is precious!
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Caroline M. Verified Buyer


"My 4 year old really likes this book. She understands that Culture Vulture is bad and is starting to understand the empathy in taking care of someone vulnerable. I love the conversations we’ve had after this book."

Mandy L. Verified Buyer


"As I read the book tears filled my eyes. My eldest daughter responded with a desire to stand up against the culture vulture and my one year old soaked it all in. I pray that I can instill the selfless act of bravery and kindness this book teaches."

Stephanie Verified Buyer


"This book was AMAZING! I was getting teary eyed a few pages in. It did a GREAT JOB of showing babies, the disabled, and the elderly are all important and worth fighting for!"

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Get it 20% off with discount code "Patriot"

Use coupon code "Patriot" and get 20% off all orders!

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Includes 10 books and more amazing surprises!

While every book stands on its own, each book in the BRAVE series is part of a larger story that we will be telling over the years to come.

Each story takes place on Freedom Island, a thrilling world of drama, adventure, and a hint of the fantastical. The cast of lovable characters continues through the series, which builds into an ever-thickening plot.

These are books your children will beg to read, examining truths you’ll love to teach.

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