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Can An “Alcoholic” Learn to Drink Moderately?

The first line in the Preface of The Freedom Model for Addictions says,

“All people, even those who have a serious alcohol and drug problem, can choose to use moderately, and contrary to popular belief, they can do so successfully.”

This one line stirs up more controversy than any other concept in our book. And based on rigorous research that has been done over the past 50 years, it is absolutely true. Knowing this to be true is crucial to solving a substance use problem.

You may wonder why this concept is so important. It’s important because it shows the idea that people who use the substance(s) heavily and frequently cross a line where they "lose control" to be completely false. This erroneous concept actually creates alcoholics and addicts.

The goal of treatment is for people to accept that they are powerless and diseased, while research has shown that those that take on the addict/alcoholic identity struggle longer, have higher rates of dangerous binge usage, and often struggle more with serious emotional and mental health issues.

The truth is no one ever loses control and this is great news because it means that everyone has the innate power and ability to abstain or reduce their consumption to non-problematic levels.

In order to solve addiction, you must first know that you can.

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The Freedom Model for Addictions is an effective alternative to addiction treatment, and is the result of over 31 years of research and experience helping thousands of people to stop their addictions and move on with their lives.

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