Letter To Patriot Congressman Brian Babin and the Texas Delegation after the Stop to Steal Rally

Dear Brian,

The Texas Patriots are so proud of you and Ted Cruz and the other Texas Congressmen Patriots, Roger Willams, Louie Gohmert, Randy Weber, Lance Gooden, John Carter and Pete Sessions for standing strong for our American constitutional republic and for objecting to the massive election fraud perpetrated by the communist Democrats upon our country.

Please text me and let me know if any other Texas congressman decided to side with you Patriots.

Shame on those Texas Congressmen who sided with the traitorous Communist Democrats. Their day of reckoning will come.

What will they say to their children and grandchildren when they are asked "Dad or Granddaddy, what did you do to stop the Communists when they were trying to take over our country?"

May God have mercy on them when they stand in judgment before His holy throne.

Opposition to tyranny is obedience to God.

I hope that they understood the strong message that the Patriots brought to them in Washington today.

I would hate to be in their shoes.

We give thanks to God for you Patriot Congressmen.

Thank you for your leadership and friendship.

"Through God we shall do valiantly and it is He who will tread down our adversaries." (Psalm 108:13)

Sincerely yours for God and country,

Steven Hotze, MD
Conservative Republicans of Texas

January 6, 2021 CRTX News

Dr. Hotze Leads 62 Texas Patriots to DC to the “Stop the Steal Rally” in Washington, DC

Dr. Hotze and the 62 other patriots are safe and sound, and headed back to Texas!


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