Dear Defender of Liberty,

The HR 1 “For the People” Act and HR 5 “Equality” Act are currently in the U.S. Senate under review.

These bills must not pass the Senate to become law because they will cause serious damage to election integrity and religious liberty in our country, forever.

You can do something about it — contact your senator today and urge them to vote no on HR 1 and HR 5.

Contact Your Senator

The HR 1 “For the People” Act will:

  • Cause serious harm to election integrity
  • Overturn a state’s authority to determine elections
  • Stifle free speech and change mandatory reporting to FEC on private donors of nonprofits
  • Change restrictions for states requiring valid ID, early registration, and state records to vote
  • Federalize redistricting from Washington, D.C., and not state legislatures

The HR 5 “Equality” Act will:

  • Cause serious harm to women’s rights, religious liberty, parental rights, and the medical profession
  • Erase current Title IX protections
  • Repeal protections of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Hyde Amendment
  • Impose restrictions on churches, houses of worship, Christian schools, and parents concerning sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Require medical professionals to perform medical procedures, including abortion, despite religious objection

Don't delay — stand up for freedom by contacting your senator now.

Many thanks,

The Standing for Freedom Center of Liberty University

Contact Your Senator

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