“Do whatever it takes, but get my guys out.”

There are countless stories of those who served our country and forces in Afghanistan but were abandoned by Biden and are being hunted down by the bloodthirsty America-hating Taliban. We need your help to help these vetted, America-loving Afghan refugees to safety.

There are families being separated; children left behind due to claimed "clerical error." People who served America are now abandoned and it is up to us to help them.

The Biden Administration has already forgotten they exist. We won't.

Help us help Flanders Fields get every last one of them to safety...

"Flanders Fields, one organization among many others, is struggling diligently to fulfill broken promises to our Afghan allies.

These men, women, and children were promised safe passage and asylum because of their service to our troops. These people were completely abandoned to be hunted down by a vicious and vindictive new regime.

Now it is down to us, as true Patriots and champions for justice, to save these people that fought side by side with us for 20 years.

These are men, and their families, who I personally fought next to, fighting the Taliban regime, on a daily basis.

These are lawyers, engineers, professors, doctors, former special forces soldiers, high ranking military officials, and they need our help.

These are children who just want to play soccer outside for the first time in their lives. These are amazing people that I would be proud to call neighbors and that’s why we need your help.

We are currently managing safe houses, hotel arrangements, meals, multiple transport options, and much more, but we cannot do it alone. To date, your donations have saved hundreds of men, women, and children that were slated for execution by Taliban forces.

Thousands more are still at risk, and we are hearing about executions with increasing regularity every day.

Right now, it costs us roughly $5,000 USD to get someone all the way to safety and out of Afghanistan. Please consider donating what you are able – this is a case where every dollar has an immediate life-saving impact."

— Director, Tyler Ledford

Donate Now and Make a Life-Saving Impact
"It took almost two months, but thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers and organizations around the world, this family of 11 has finally made it to U.S. soil.

This was the very first family I worked, the one that started this journey for me. Their names were given to me by a Lt General from USMC, on a list with dozens of others. The ask was simple on its surface, but staggering in practice.

They were Number 12 on that list, but something about the little guy in yellow reminded me of my twins, so I honed in on this one.

Using some publicly available data, I was able to locate an email address linked to one of theirs which eventually linked back to an American phone and an address in the states. I made contact, it turned out to be a brother of this family.

We worked together for days until we finally found what seemed a viable opportunity into Hong Kong International Airport.

A great American (who I’d love to publicly name, but can’t) picked them up in Kabul and then stayed with them for hours upon hours in a van on location.

When the message came across that “the general’s package is delivered”, I was overcome with joy and dread at the same time.

What if they were denied their flight?
What if they got kicked back outside the wire?
Back to the Taliban?

A few hours later, the fear turned to pure joy when it was confirmed not only had they gotten on Freedom Air, but in fact, they had touched down in UAE.

It was over.

They are in America. They are at a camp, awaiting processing to enter the nation they so bravely risked their lives to serve.

Few stories have reached a resolution like this...

Many of their family members are still stuck in cities around Afghanistan. Number 13 on that same list from the General are stuck in a safe house.

They are completely dependent on your generosity, and our mission.

The number of people we are feeding, housing, and transporting is growing every day. They were abandoned, but we are determined to get every last person out. Our bank accounts are drained.

We need your help. Please donate today."

— Flanders Fields President Ben Owen

Donate Now and Make a Life-Saving Impact

Flanders Fields’ mission is to ensure that each and every Military Veteran has a helping hand when they need one. This mission extends to all US Veterans and their families, to include our foreign allies who served our Nation. We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.

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