“Do whatever it takes, but get my guys out.”

Fellow American Citizens and Patriots, we are calling on you for reinforcements!

Our fully-vetted American allies are trapped in Afghanistan with no way out. Some are Christians. Some are orphans. All of them love America.

The Biden Regime has abandoned them. Our current military command has chosen to ignore them. Mainstream media has forgotten them.

For two decades, they've known little but the freedoms and values brought to their country by our American troops and infrastructure. Then without hardly any warning, the Biden Administration collapsed their world and destroyed their hopes for a good future. Some were immediately targeted and have been killed by the vindictive Taliban who hate America.

While the Biden Administration doubles down on gifting hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegal aliens who crossed the border illegally under Trump’s firm term, American allies are being terrorized, tortured, murdered, and their underage children sold into sex slavery.

This is dire news.

"These are men, and their families, who I personally fought next to, fighting the Taliban regime, on a daily basis. These are lawyers, engineers, professors, doctors, former special forces soldiers, high ranking military officials, and they need our help. These are children who just want to play soccer outside. These are an amazing people that I would be proud to call neighbor and that’s why we need your help.

We are currently managing safe houses, hotel arrangements, meals, multiple transport options, and much more, but we cannot do it alone. To date, your donations have saved hundreds of men, women and children that were slated for execution by Taliban forces. Thousands more are still at risk, and we are hearing about executions with increasing regularity every day.”

- Tyler Ledford, CFO of Flanders Fields

There is a ray of hope. Putting their own lives, money, time, and reputations on the line, some Special Forces Veterans are going back into hell to rescue our Afghan allies.

Flanders Fields, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is raising the necessary funds to finance these rescues one by one.

The Taliban is vindictive. They will murder anyone they can find who worked for Americans. That’s why we must do everything we can to save them! These fully-vetted, America-loving allies have only dreamed about what it is like to be free. The Taliban won’t allow this kind of freedom and will punish and even kill them for trying to experience it in Afghanistan.

Donate Now and Make a Life-Saving Impact

“I have two sisters whose husbands are both taken by Taliban. We don’t know if they are dead or alive. I lost a sister back in 2016 who was shot and killed because of my work and involvement with the U.S government projects. I also lost my Dad in 2018 after that tragic incident. I would appreciate any help you can offer.” - American Ally (Identity protected)

The Taliban has decapitated 13-year olds for playing volleyball. They’ve sold children into sexual slavery for the pleasure of sick Taliban leaders. Women’s lives are in danger simply for having attended college before the regime-change back to the Taliban.

There are countless stories of those who served our country and forces in Afghanistan, but were abandoned by Biden and are being hunted down by the bloodthirsty America-hating Taliban. There are families being separated; children left behind due to claimed "clerical error” by the Taliban version of the the TSA. You can hear children crying as their mother and some of their siblings must be left behind — hopefully only temporarily— or the entire family could face execution.

Help us help Flanders Fields get every last one of them to safety...

Right now, it costs roughly $5,000 USD to get someone all the way to safety and out of Afghanistan. Please consider donating what you are able – this is a case where every dollar has an immediate life-saving impact and every minute counts.

Donate Now and Make a Life-Saving Impact

For God and Country,

Brandon Vallorani

Founder & President
Flag & Cross

Flanders Fields’ mission is to ensure that each and every Military Veteran has a helping hand when they need one. This mission extends to all US Veterans and their families, to include our foreign allies who served our Nation. We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.

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