January 25, 2021 Edition

Steven Hotze, M.D.

Call your state senator and state representative today and tell them that the most important issue facing the Texas Legislature is ensuring Election Protection: Stop Election Fraud.

Tell them that they need to adopt the 23 recommendations from Conservative Republicans of Texas to The Texas Election Code. You can identify your state representative and state senator by clicking on the following link and typing in your address: https://wrm.capitol.texas.gov/home.

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How to Steal an Election: Mail in Ballots

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Lin Wood makes his powerful defense during Mercer Law School Zoom Call with Dean, Faculty and Students

I have spent some time today reflecting on the Zoom call with the Mercer Law School students and faculty yesterday.

My first thought was the experience felt like I had walked unannounced into a meeting of members of the Communist Party. That thought kinda angered me.

As I continued to think about the incident, my anger turned to sadness. These young students have been brainwashed. Academia has been corrupted by the Communist influence.

These kids do not respect America and freedom. They do not respect their elders. They have been brainwashed to accept the media propaganda. They do not think for themselves. They do not do their own research. If they had, they would know that the election was a fraud. They would know that freedom is vastly superior in every way to tyranny. They would know that freedom is worth fighting and dying for.

I will wait to hear from Mercer but my name on a courtroom means little to me. Especially when compared to the fresh air of liberty. While the former is nice, it is replaceable. The latter is essential and cannot be replaced.

Lin Wood

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