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Starting from a seed, "Sky Tree" has grown into a massive tree through the trials and triumphs along the way. As you track the gentle giant's growth, read the words of wisdom that guided this tree, and learn about love, joy, and gentleness with your family through the challenges at the end of the book.

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Use coupon code "Patriot" and get 20% off all orders!

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Includes 10 books and more amazing surprises!

While every book stands on its own, each book in the BRAVE series is part of a larger story that we will be telling over the years to come.

Each story takes place on Freedom Island, a thrilling world of drama, adventure, and a hint of the fantastical. The cast of lovable characters continues through the series, which builds into an ever-thickening plot.

These are books your children will beg to read, examining truths you’ll love to teach.

And now, with both a monthly and annual subscription option, reading BRAVE Books is cheaper and easier than ever.

Families with a monthly subscription will automatically receive one picture book each month for a low monthly cost, saving 17% on each book.

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