March 25, 2021 Edition

​​Election Protection: Stop Election Fraud
Adopt a Biometric Voter Registration System and
Other Election Code Changes
Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

2021 Texas Legislative Session
House Elections Committee
March 25, 2021
Senate State Affairs Committee
​March 26, 2021

Texans expect the Legislature to pass legislation that would provide election protection and stop voter fraud.

The massive voter fraud that was uncovered during the 2020 presidential election has undermined the credibility of the election system.

In an election system, controlled by politicians who have criminal intent, the voter doesn’t matter. It is the person who controls and counts the votes that matters. This is the way Communist countries operate. Democrats control and count the votes in the major metropolitan areas of Texas.

A biometric voting registration system using fingerprints is a simple way to significantly reduce election fraud. The technology to achieve this system is readily available.

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