April 9th, 2021 Edition

Republican Election Bills
All Hat No Cattle

-Steven Hotze, M.D.


Contact Your Texas Legislatures and Tell
Them To Support H.B. 3080


Biometric Voting Technology Explained [Read More]

Adopt Biometric Voter Registration
to Stop Vote Fraud
[Read More]

Christian Author Blasts Cops Who
Enforce COVID ‘Mandates’
[Read More]

A War Is Being Waged Against
Conservative Americans
[Read More]

Medical News
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Former Pfizer VP, Dr. Michael Yeadon, warns “It’s entirely possible this COVID ‘vaccine’ will be used for massive-scale depopulation” [Read More]

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: COVID Was Created To Scare World To Take Injection That Will Kill Them [Read More]

Benefits of Vitamin D for Boosting the Immune System and Preventing Viral Infections [Read More]

Vaccination Passports: The Cornerstone of a Totalitarian State; Ushering China’s Social Credit System into America. [Read More]

Anxiety Relief with Bioidentical Progesterone [Read More]

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