The Woking Dead are everywhere.

An army of undead ghouls turning millions into mindless, ravenous devourers of all things good and American.

“Having worked with A.J. Rice on many of my own projects, I know him to be astute, no-nonsense, and on point. Stop what you’re doing right now and pick up a copy of The Woking Dead!" -- Judge Jeanine Pirro, Co-Host of Fox News Channel’s The Five, and #1 New York Times bestselling author

Donald J. Trump was the most entertaining president America has ever had, and A.J. Rice illustrates this point in his compelling essay collection. On policy, Trump was America’s relentless champion. Yet looking back on his presidential term now feels like looking back on a different country.

A.J. Rice

Trump always put America and her interests first. Yet Joe Biden and his cronies—along with the media, Big Tech, higher education, and Hollywood—are hellbent on turning our cherished country into the woking dead.

Whether it’s pushing corporate America to sacrifice their brands on the altar of Stacey Abrams’ loser leftwing politics, or Disney to turn Star Wars from a great space epic into a feminist screed, or our public schools to teach millions of young kids that their skin color is evil and their country is abominably racist, Biden and the Democrats (and their allies) are dividing and destroying America.

“A.J. Rice and I go way back! He has been a coal miner in the conservative trenches for patriotic projects for years. Including my own. It's about time America found out what is on his mind." -- Pete Hegseth, Co-Host of FNC's Fox and Friends Weekend, and New York Times bestselling author
​"Like all American weaknesses, China loves Wokeism. My friend and publicist A.J. Rice ties culture and politics together as cleverly and urgently as anyone in the business. This book is useful, entertaining and informative." - Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding III (USAF-Ret.), former Senior Director for Strategic Planning for the White House National Security Council, and author of Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept.
The Woking Dead are among us and have been for decades -- diligently setting the stage for the systematic destruction of our Western way of life. Conservative insider A.J. Rice exposes the players, their agenda, and how they've been using academia to build an army of anti-American, group-think zombies, in this must-read book.” -- Jesse Kelly, Host of I'm Right on TheFirstTV & The Jesse Kelly Show on Premiere Networks

“The Woking Dead is a must-read for anyone who wants a look inside the left’s plot to steal our children and our minds. Many years ago, I coined the phrase 'blind liberal zombies,' this book takes that one phrase to a whole new level. The MAGA PR King A.J. Rice lets the truth bombs fly!” -- Grant Stinchfield, host of Newsmax TV’s Stinchfield

“In The Woking Dead, my former Executive Producer A.J. Rice nails the cultural madness and dark manipulations of the radical Left as few others do or can: with smarts, humor, and refreshing common sense. A must-read for those who care about the precarious state of our beloved America today.” -- Monica Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and New York Times bestselling author
“I have worked with A.J. Rice on several book projects, and he is hands-down one of the sharpest, behind-the-scenes media players conservatism has. With his new book, the PR wizard steps into the spotlight this time to deliver the smackdown on those who definitely deserve it." -- Steve Deace, host of The Steve Deace Show on BlazeTV, and bestselling author.
"The Woking Dead is the smartest take from one of the smartest minds in Public Relations, his exciting new book outlines where we are as a country and how we can survive the bumbling Biden regime” -- Stephanie Hamill, host of In Focus on One America News Network
“The culture war is on, and the other side is playing for keeps. Stale and clueless politicians are Ill-equipped to fight this war. In The Woking Dead, my friend A.J. Rice proves himself to be the answer to the left’s attack on America’s culture.” -- Chris Salcedo, host of Newsmax TV’s The Chris Salcedo Show
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