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AA is a Scam – Always Has Been, Always Will Be

I realize this is strong language. The word scam raises an eyebrow to be sure. But it’s true. Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most successful cults, maybe even the most successful cult in American history. While AA is touted as “the gold standard” and “the most successful addiction program” in history, in reality it has damaged more lives than it’s saved.

AA’s founder, Mr. Bill Wilson, was a failed, 1930’s drunken stockbroker who had a singular personal mission: to die a millionaire.

He openly talked about his ego problems, womanizing, and his deep desire for riches. AA became his ticket to achieving that goal many decades later (Bill did indeed die a millionaire in January, 1971).

You might be saying, “Well, good for him. AA has saved thousands from the clutches of addiction.” But has it? It’s important to realize that for millennia, alcohol use has existed in cultures around the world and people got over their struggles without the 12 steps. Even more important is the fact that millions still do so without the 12 steps or any formal treatment at all. Very few problem drinkers actually go to AA or formal treatment, yet 90% get over their addiction for good. (Heyman 2013)

The reason so many fail to move past addiction while in 12 step programs, and why the 12 steps do not resonate with millions who try it, is because of the powerlessness narrative. Simply put, very few are willing to sit around in church basements, and consider themselves perpetually powerless over substances. The idea that sobriety is defined in such a counterintuitive and unproductive way is what drives people away from the 12 step cults.

It’s the reason 95% of those who attend AA meetings for the first time have stopped going to meetings within the first few months.

So what is the most successful drug and alcohol “program” in the world? The answer might surprise you – it’s aging out of the problem naturally and without formal treatment (rehab or 12 steps). Yes, that’s right; as people age, they grow in wisdom naturally and they move on from heavy use.

But with this said, if you’ve been exposed to AA dogma, or treatment that tows the false disease of addiction lie, you might need to be deprogrammed from those damaging views and beliefs.

For this, we wrote the official AA Deprogramming Guide, The Freedom Model for Addictions, Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap.

The Freedom Model for Addictions is an effective alternative to addiction treatment, and is the result of over 31 years of research and experience helping thousands of people to stop their addictions and move on with their lives.

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