Patriot Depot

Dear Patriots,

I wrote you a few weeks ago to share how Big Tech companies like Facebook and PayPal are putting the screws to our conservative super store,

I have an update for you and it is not good.

Last night, I received a harsh email from PayPal stating that they are permanently closing our PayPal account and holding our funds ($32,727.62) for 180 days!

(This does not affect you as the buyer, but seriously affects our business.)

As the Founder and President of Patriot Depot, I have placed numerous calls and sent countless messages to PayPal asking them to release our funds and allow us to conduct business.

Sadly, it all falls on deaf ears. Despite my pleas for a fair hearing, I am told that the "back office" has made this decision. They state there is nothing that can be done.

It is clear that there is something more sinister going on in the “back office.” PayPal has officially been whipped into cancel culture by the woke police.

It is no secret that the finance giant has a new initiative to ban conservative businesses and individuals. PayPal has announced that this initiative will focus on researching and then disrupting the financial pipelines that support conservatives by not allowing those individuals and organizations to use PayPal to make and receive payments. It’s true! Yahoo reported on the “cancellation of nonliberal accounts” on August 9.

Our friends at have had their PayPal account deleted. Even their President, Gary DeMar, had his personal account deleted! There are countless other Conservatives who have been labeled as “nonliberal” (aka extremists) and had the “privilege" of conducting honest business canceled.

In 2019, PayPal’s CEO Dan Schulman said the company removed 10 to 100 accounts every month that have been flagged by the company’s internal algorithm or by outside groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is a controversial Left-wing hate group!

Does this sound like America to you?

So now what? Well, we are not sitting around wringing our hands in despair. We are actively looking at a replacement for PayPal and considering a new conservative platform created by Dan Bongino, called AlignPay.

Until then, we are asking our loyal customers like you to help us overcome this financial hurdle. PayPal is holding $32,727.62 for 6 months! This is cash we need to operate our business. Will you consider placing an order with our store and using a good old fashioned credit card? Our platform is secure and safe. Christmas is coming and we have some amazing products in stock and available for pre-order, such as The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, The Patriot’s Bible, and the (also canceled) Trump's 1776 Report!

Your support of Conservative business keeps the liberal left woke mob from destroying our ability to do business and provide American Patriots with the resources, gifts, and apparel that adhere to their values — not Hillary’s, not Obama’s, and certainly not Biden’s.

For God & Country,

Brandon Vallorani, Founder and CEO
P.S. I am giving away a copy of the Conservative manifesto I co-authored another oft-canceled Conservative powerhouse Doug Giles: Would Jesus Vote For Trump? I would love for you to have a copy!

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