Political Lynching of Dr. Hotze, He’s Right Over the Target

- Aubrey Taylor, Houston Business Connection News

Of course District Attorney Kim Ogg is trying to politically lynch Dr. Hotze. That’s because he has led the charge to expose the massive vote fraud scheme of high ranking, corrupt Democrat officials in Harris County, including Ogg. When you are attempting get rid of rattlesnakes, they are going to strike back.

Dr. Hotze was indicted for his involvement in contracting with private investigators (PI) to investigate vote fraud in Harris County prior to the 2020 presidential election.

In October of 2020 one of the private investigators was involved in an accident with an illegal immigrant who was under surveillance for vote fraud. The private investigator was issued a traffic ticket. Ten (10) months later after Ogg had discovered that Dr. Hotze’s organization, Liberty Center for God & Country, had funded the PI’s vote fraud investigation, then that PI was indicted.

On April 2, Dr. Hotze hosted the Freedom Gala to Ensure Election Integrity featuring Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, and Attorney General Ken Paxton, with over 500 Christian Patriots in attendance. Then, on April 20, 18 months after the PI’s traffic accident, a Grand Jury, whose members were individually chosen by a Democrat judge, issued an indictment against Dr. Hotze.

It’s been said that “with biased members of a grand jury, a district attorney can indict a ham sandwich.”

It’s obvious what’s going on. Dr. Hotze is over the target and the high ranking Democrats, like Ogg know it. They are petrified and desperate, flailing like drunk man in a bar room brawl.

In the face adversity, Dr. Hotze has strengthened his resolve and redoubled his efforts to expose the vote fraud corruption in order to ensure fair and honest elections.

Vidal Martinez, candidate for County Judge of Harris County, has publicly announced, in a video, his support for Dr. Hotze’s indefatigable efforts. One of few Republican officials to do so. This speaks volumes about Vidal’s character. So too, you and I must stand resolutely with Dr. Hotze.

​FYI: The going rate to flip a race in Harris County, Texas was $15,000.00 dollars back in 2010, according to Randy Kubosh. At that time, the "ABSENTEE BALLOT HARVESTERS" were selling ballots for $1 dollar per ballot harvested. That said, cheating has been going on for decades in Harris County, Texas. If a "FORENSIC AUDIT" were to be conducted on the 2020 Democratic Party Primary race for District Attorney between Kim Ogg, Audia Jones, Todd Overstreet, and Carvana Cloud, the Texas Rangers would discover that Deborah Adams, the Democratic Precinct Chair and Judge in #259 is dirty and has been harvesting ballots in Harris County for decades!

Read my detailed articles below to understand how Ogg and high ranking Democrat officials plan on stealing the midterm elections in Harris County.


Dr. Steve Hotze, MD

In the Declaration of Independence our Founding Fathers openly declared our independence from England, based upon England’s illegal and tyrannical actions toward the American colonists. This was the final sentence written by them in the Declaration of Independence, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

The following is a pledge that Christian Patriots, who follow in the train of our Christian forefathers, should take.......


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