August 11, 2021 Edition

The Terror Has Just Begun In The U.S.

Key Similarities Between Lenin’s Russian Bolshevik Red Terror and America’s Cancel Culture Reveal The Communists’ Blueprint For Complete Takeover Of America.

"This article explains what is happening in America and why, and where it is leading us. Proverbs 28:1 Christian Patriots must arise, confront and defeat the wicked, godless Communists."

- Steven Hotze, M.D.


REVISED: In the Declaration of Independence our Founding Fathers openly declared our independence from England, based upon England’s illegal and tyrannical actions toward the American colonists. This was the final sentence written by them in the Declaration of Independence, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

The following is a pledge that Christian Patriots, who follow in the train of our Christian forefathers, should take.......


CDC Publishes 'Green Zone' Concentration Camp Protocol, Preparing Masses Imprisonment

Operational Considerations for Humanitarian Settings -CDC Website

This CDC report documents the plan to quarantine (imprison) in “camps” those who the are deemed high risk (those who refuse the experimental Covid shot). This is what happened in Nazi Germany. READ MORE

Tyranny Always Starts with a Little Prick

Ten years ago, when Tea Party Patriot groups were popping up all over America to fight back against Obamacare’s socialized medicine and its expansion of the welfare state, it was common to hear the battle framed as one between “makers” and “takers,” a rebuke by working-class Americans who knew they would ultimately be paying more in taxes for worse health care so that Americans who paid no taxes at all could have their “fair share.”

When people called out Obama and his medical mandates (you must have Obamacare, and Obamacare must cover abortions, “sex change” operations, and anything else the government decrees…) for orchestrating a federal takeover of one fifth of the economy while inviting Big Brother to peek behind the hospital curtain and spy on the private health decisions of every American, they were lambasted for not having enough empathy for those in need.

Obama was just implementing Romneycare on a national scale and walking in George Bush’s “compassionate conservative” footsteps, after all. What could possibly go wrong? (Read More)

Dr. Dan Stock Destroys The Whole Covid Narrative Before An Indiana School Board. He explains in 6 Minutes How the Experimental Injection Has Led To The Summer Outbreak.

Those who have taken the experimental Covid gene therapy jab are now producing and shedding the dangerous spike protein bioweapon.

Would you like to know why there has been an outbreak of a respiratory illness this summer? This is very uncommon.

Dr. Stock does an excellent job of explaining why there’s an outbreak right now. (VIDEO)

If you are interested in developing a personal relationship with God, then read the Four Spiritual Laws and learn how you can.

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