America today is a bitterly divided place, thanks in no small part to the media-advertising complex and their insistence on taking every facet of our society and placing into one of two political boxes.  This makes it simpler for the media moguls of the world to advertise to Americans, with big trucks in the GEICO commercials that you see on Fox News, and small, electric vehicles in the GEICO commercials that you see on CNN. This dirty trick of the advertising world knows no bounds either, with American law enforcement routinely being subjected to the partisan divide of the infotainment industry and social media. In this fight, however, there is hope, and it comes in the form of the National Police Association. First and foremost, the NPA works through the legal system to protect the rights and reputations of officers around the nation. From their website:
Too many players in our political system from mayors, to citizen review commissions, to special interest activists see oversight of law enforcement as a way to advance their own interests or the interest of political allies at the expense of effective law enforcement. The NPA works against these forces using the law to create accountability, promote officer safety, and restore order and fairness to our country’s endangered communities. When our investigations uncover potential violations of ethics rules or bar association requirements by anti-police politicians the NPA files complaints asking appropriate agencies and organizations to take action. The NPA also uses document requests and open records laws to prove misconduct and facilitate corrective action.
Then there is there their powerful media footprint, which takes their advocacy to a whole new level through the traditional mediums of books and television, but also via YouTube and a popular podcast.  In this media-driven world, there is no better way to get the message out than by grabbing as many figurative bullhorns as you can, and the NPA is certainly doing just that. But there is still work to be done at the local level as well, and the NPA is happy to facilitate the volunteerism necessary to keep local officers in good standing within their communities and beyond. In a nation where too much of the public discourse runs through the filter of media machine, it is more important than ever to have an organization as dedicated and determined as the National Police Association fighting for the men and women of law enforcement.