July 14th 2021 Edition

“Just Say No!" United Noncompliance Needed to Protect Liberty. (VIDEO)

- Steven Hotze, MD

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Let’s All Vote Again - Uncle Jam (VIDEO)

Abbott, Patrick and Phelan Fail. It’s All About Power, Control and Money.

-Steven Hotze, MD

Governor Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick and Speaker Phelan intentionally failed to take advantage of the opportunity to protect the integrity of elections during the recent Texas Legislative Session. They had claimed that this was a top priority, yet they waited until the last possible day, May 30, to bring the Omnibus Election Protection bill up for a vote in the Texas House. As you are probably well aware, the Democrats walked out, leaving the House without a quorum, and the Election Protection bill died.

Abbott, Patrick, Phelan and the Republican leadership could have easily brought this bill up for a final vote in April. The Democrats would not have walked out then, because they had bills that they wanted passed, which had not yet been voted upon.

Every Republican legislator, both in the State Senate and House, was able to vote in favor of their respective Election Protection bills. Because the House and Senate bills had different provisions, they had to be reconciled in joint committee. It was this reconciled Election Protection bill, HB 6, that never made it up for a final vote in the House.

The Republican leadership never intended to pass an Election Protection bill. They couldn’t face the pressure from the large corporations, professional sports, liberal mainstream media and the Communist Democrats, all of whom accused the Republicans of “suppressing” the vote. The Republican leadership knew that its base of conservative supporters were demanding election reform to ensure that the elections were honest and fair. So, they had to create a situation where every Republican legislator would have the opportunity to vote for Election Protection, while at the same time, preventing its final passage.

This was all political theatre. (READ MORE)

Tucker Carlson Calls Abbott ‘Total Fraud’ During Interview With Uvalde, Texas Mayor

Over the weekend, the mayor of Uvalde—a Texas town near the Mexican border—appeared on Tucker Carlson Today to give a closeup analysis of the border crisis.

Mayor Don McLaughlin discussed how Biden’s border policy has resulted in virtually open borders, leading to a crime increase and endangering everyone from police to school children.

“We’re having to lock down our schools … about once a week, because almost every one of those cars has armed” occupants, he stated. McLaughlin blamed the Biden administration for its incompetence regarding the border crisis. He went on to debunk Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas’ claim that the border is “closed,” pointing out that Mayorkas’ statement that the “90 percent” turnaway rate for illegal aliens only counts Mexican nationals. (Read More)

The Warrenton Declaration on Medical Mandates, Biblical Ethics, & Authority

The Warrenton Declaration on Medical Mandates, Biblical Ethics, & Authority was created in order to provide doctrinal clarity and coherence on issues of biblical authority and ethics related to medical mandates. The declaration seeks to equip local churches and their officers in providing transparency on where they stand and to assist individuals who are being mistreated in their churches with a well-ordered summary of belief in this regard.

The entire Declaration (READ MORE)

Pastors, Who Bowed To Covidictator Politicians,

Challenged To Confess At Church Service That They Were Wrong (VIDEO)

Dr. Hotze Interviews Canadian Pastor, Artur Pawlowski, on the Injustice of Enforcing COVID Protocols and Attacks Against the Christian Church.

Pastor Pawlowski is the role model for how a Christian minister should respond to tyranny. (VIDEO)

Demonstrations erupt across Florida in support of Cuban people, call for end of Cuba’s Communist Regime

Demonstrations erupted across Florida for the second straight day to show solidarity with anti-government protesters in Cuba and call for an end to the country’s communist regime.

From Jacksonville to Tampa and Miami, hundreds of community members took to the streets on Monday to rally for Cuban freedom.


Antifa, BLM and the FBI, All Collaborators in the Communist Revolution against the United States

INTRODUCTION: Let me state up front that there are four (at first, hard to believe!) premises that are the foundation of this piece:

1) That Antifa-BLM and much of the federal government are merely separate units under the same “command and control” structure.

2) By means of the stolen election of November 3, 2020, that “command and control” structure orchestrated a “color revolution” – a coup – against the United States of America.

3) Instrumental to the execution of that coup, if not the leader of it, was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

4) As a result, an unelected CCP-puppet regime resides in the White House – which we’ll refer to as the Biden-Harris Junta.

At first the above premises will seem, well, the territory of “tin foil hat” delusions, or at least “conspiracy theories.” (Read More)

The Weak Link: How China Built in a 'Backdoor' Threat that Could Take Down the US Electric Grid

Electrical substations are in almost every city nationwide. Most house transformers play a huge part in getting power out to you. The larger they are, the more critical.

"Transformers have been called by many people the 'Achilles' heel' of the electric grid," explained Joe Weiss, an engineer, and independent consultant.

Transformers take voltage sent by power plants and convert it to a level that can be distributed. Essentially, they keep electricity flowing at safe levels. (Read More)

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Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans

The most highly cited physician on the early treatment of COVID-19 has come out with an explosive new video that blows the lid off the medical establishment’s complicity in the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

Dr. Peter McCullough said these deaths have been facilitated by a false narrative bent on pushing an all-new, unproven vaccine for a disease that was highly treatable.

He said COVID was a bioweapon and the vaccines represent “phase two” of that bioweapon.

“As this, in a sense, bioterrorism phase one was rolled out, it was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation,” McCullough said in a June 11 webinar with German attorney Reiner Fuellmich and several other doctors.

He noted:

“Both the respiratory virus and the vaccine delivered to the human body the spike protein, the gain of function target of this bioterrorism research.”

(Read More & Watch the Video)

HHS Secretary Becerra: 'Absolutely the government's business' to know which Americans haven't been vaccinated

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said Thursday it was "absolutely the government's business" to know which Americans haven't been vaccinated yet against the coronavirus.

Responding to GOP criticisms of the Biden administration's planned "door-to-door" campaign to encourage unvaccinated Americans to inoculate themselves, Becerra told CNN the government has had to "spend trillions of dollars to try to keep Americans alive during this pandemic." (Read More and Watch Video)

What to Do When the Biden Administration Knocks on Your Door to Give You the Experimental Genetically Engineered Injection (VIDEO)

How to Overcome Perimenopausal Symptoms Naturally

- Steven Hotze, MD

Ladies, now that you’re reaching your late 30’s or 40’s, you may have noticed a change in your monthly cycle along with a few other negative symptoms.

You know you’re not in menopause yet, but the sporadic hot flashes, mood swings, unexplainable weight gain and irregular periods are beginning to make you wonder. You may be thinking it’s finally time to figure out what’s going on with your hormones. This can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Let us explain what is happening and share how you can get your body back to feeling good again.


Perimenopause is the 2 to 10 year, give or take, transitional period of time prior to menopause. It can begin in a woman’s 30s or 40s, lasting anywhere from months to years. It ends at menopause, the point when the ovaries stop releasing eggs, causing the complete cessation of menstrual periods. You may have also heard the term premenopause, and it is essentially the same as perimenopause without any menopause symptoms. They both refer to variable periods of time before menopause and are often used interchangeably.

(Read More)


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