October 25, 2022, Edition

New Harris County Elections Administrator Clifford D. Tatum Is Incompetent. His Only Qualifications Are His Ability Not to Pay His Income Taxes and to Screw up Elections.

Joe Menslage, Katy Christian Magazine

Clifford D. Tatum moved to Harris County, Texas in August 2022 to accept the position of Harris County Elections Administrator. He replaced embattled Isabel Longoria, who so badly mishandled her job duties during her short-lived tenure, she was forced to resign in disgrace July 2022.

From the research I’ve done on Clifford Tatum, it seems his best qualification is to make “Third World Countries” elections look pristine compared to the trainwreck that ensues after Tatum takes the reign.

Here are Tatum’s qualifications, which on the surface, look impressive, until one takes a deeper look:


SHOCKING! Dr. Rick Scarborough Interviews Teacher Whistleblower Who Exposes the Rampant Sexualization of Children in the Government Schools, Starting in Kindergarten.

Recover America (Video 22 min.)

How Vote Manipulation Takes Place at Early Voting Locations

-Aubrey Taylor, Houston Business Connections

Cindy Siegel, the chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, could be the last line of defense to keep the State of Texas from flipping to "BLUE IN 2022" when "EARLY VOTING" begins tomorrow. While she and her "BALLOT SECURITY TEAM" must endeavor to make sure that "DEAD PEOPLE" are not casting mail ballots, she must also make sure that votes aren't being manufactured from inside of "EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS" like they potentially were back during the 2018 Midterm Election, and the 2020 Presidential Election, prior to her taking over the helm of the HCRP. As for Odus Evbagharu and his sidekick Clifford Tatum, the new Harris County Elections Administrator, they had better understand that "THE EYES OF TEXAS" are watching over their activities.



America Intelligence Media

Looks like Ronna McDaniel is trashing fellow Republican Tina Barton (see video below) with inaccurate statements. Why would you do this, Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel? Trying to keep folks from looking at Dominion (Optech) software that your Uncle Mitt and Cousin Tagg operate to rig elections around the world?

Don’t forget that UK Privy Councillor Mark Malloch-Brown is part of this operation which makes this system FOREIGN ELECTION INTERFERENCE! Y’all remember that Executive Order that Trump signed regarding foreign interference in our elections?


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