August 20, 2021, Special Edition

​​Important Message from Dr. Steve Hotze

3 Questions You Need To Ask About The Experimental Covid Injection, So-Called “Vaccine”

Steven Hotze, MD Founder & CEO

Hotze Health & Wellness Center

Houston, Texas

I have warned you to stay as far away from the experimental Covid gene modifying injection as you would a West Texas rattlesnake.

Whenever a medical therapy is being promoted by the pharmaceutical companies, or government health bureaucrats, it seems wise to ask yourself three questions:

Is it safe?

Does it work?

Is it necessary?

So let’s answer these questions about the experimental Covid mRNA gene modifying injection that the government health bureaucrats, the corrupt politicians, the paid for propaganda media, Bill Gates, Fauci and the one worlders want to force down our throats.

First, is the experimental gene therapy injection safe?



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