September 3rd, 2021 Edition

Dr. Hotze Files Writ of Mandamus with Texas Supreme Court to Stop Illegal Ballot by Mail Applications

Houston, Texas – On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, Jared Woodfill, JD, Woodfill Law Firm, filed a writ of mandamus against Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria for illegally sending unsolicited vote by mail applications to voters who are 65 and older. This writ of mandamus, In Re Hotze, was filed on behalf of Steven Hotze, M.D., Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, HISD Trustee Candidate Gerry Monroe, Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party Ballot Security Committee Alan Vera, Randolph Price, Alan Hartman and Gregory Blume.

Hotze argues that Texas state law requires a voter to request an application to vote by mail. Texas Election Code § 84.012 states that “the early voting clerk shall mail without charge an appropriate official application form for an early voting ballot to each applicant requesting the clerk to send the applicant an application form.” Longoria has admitted to sending unsolicited applications to vote by mail, despite a 2020 Texas Supreme Court ruling that such mailings were illegal.

Hotze requests that the Texas Supreme Court order a stay, prohibiting Longoria from sending additional applications to vote by mail to registered voters who are 65 or older who have not sent in the initial request for an application to vote by mail, to refrain from processing any applications received which were not initially requested by these voter, and to refrain from counting ballots received as a result of unlawfully sending an application to vote by mail that was not initially requested by the voter.

Dr. Hotze stated, “Longoria was appointed by the Democrat controlled Harris County Commissioners Court. Her illegal actions are par for the course among Democrats who continue to violate the Texas Election Code in order to steal elections. The Democrats in Harris County operate a criminal ballot harvesting operation. The Democrats initiated this illegal vote fraud scheme to try to prevent conservatives from being elected as trustees in the upcoming Harris County Independent School elections in November.”

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