December 1, 2021, Edition

The Dr. Hotze Report with Dr. Jen VanDeWater. Big Pharma Controlling Vax Narrative (6:05min)

The Dr. Hotze Report: COVID Vaccine a "Trojan horse" for Something Sinister – Brighteon.TV (7:48)

Drs. Steven Hotze and Lee Merritt discussed the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine's role as a "Trojan horse" for a sinister purpose during the Nov. 22 episode of "The Dr. Hotze Report" on Brighteon.TV. Hotze explained what a Trojan horse is: "You remember back in Greek mythology, there was a war between the Greeks and the city of Troy? The Greeks could not get behind the fortified walls, so they built a huge wooden horse. Inside that belly of that horse, they put some of their soldiers. They rolled it up to the gate of the city, and then they left." "The Trojans, figuring they had won the war, went out and pulled that horse into the city. When they went to bed at night, out of the belly of that Trojan horse came the Greek soldiers. They opened up the gate, the Greeks came back – and the rest was history. Troy was defeated, and the Greeks won the war." The host said it appears to him that COVID vaccines are playing the role of a Trojan horse. Merritt agreed. "I think that's a great metaphor because if you think about it, this whole thing – COVID – is built on so many lies.


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