January 21, 2021, Edition

“Enough is Enough!”

Dr. Steve Hotze and Conservative Republicans of Texas Release Ad Opposing Abbott and Supporting Don Huffines for Governor

Abbott and Texas Republicans Hand LGBTQ Caucus Victory; Fail to Safeguard Children In Passing Abbott’s Priority Broadband Bill

Texas Republicans who held the majority in the Texas House took several days off in the regular session. They took a total of 64 days off during the 140-day session. However, this is not too far from the amount of time they spent in service in recent years. So, when they give the excuse that they “ran out of time”, that simply isn’t reality. The reality is they did not prioritize the priorities of the Republican Party of Texas. They also did not prioritize the safeguarding of children. So, what did they prioritize? (KEEP READING)

Support Christian Patriot, Jameson Ellis, for Congress

Dan Crenshaw Must Be Defeated. Read the Following Articles to Find Out Why.

Dan Crenshaw is a member of Klaus Schwabs’ “The Forum of Young Global Leaders,” along with Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Buttigieg

Crowd Boos and Yells “Why Do We Need You” When RINO Dan Crenshaw Gives His Lame Excuse For Why He Hasn’t Helped Jan 6th Detainees. 1/19/22

Dan Crenshaw wrote a letter to the Texas State Republican Executive Committee in February 2020, supporting the bid of the “Log Cabin Republicans,” homosexuals who are affiliated with the LGTBQXYZ, to become an auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas. This demonstrates that Crenshaw is pro-homosexual.

I wrote a letter to the Texas SREC, opposing the Log Cabin Republicans. The Christian Patriots on the SREC defeated Crenshaw and the Log Cabin Republicans by a vote 56-6.

Just because someone took a job in the military does not mean that he shares your Christian values. Crenshaw is a prime example.

Conservative Republicans of Texas endorses Jameson Ellis, https://youtu.be/MllMB8CPOrc to replace pro-homosexual Crenshaw.

- Steven Hotze, M.D.

Dr. Steve Hotze Interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny; The Covid Gene Modification Shot Changes Your Genes

If the Vaccine Is So Great, Why Are So Many People Dropping Dead?

- Wayne Allyn Root

The COVID-19 vaccines appear to be causing a global health disaster. There are so many warnings from all around the world. I'll list just a few in this column. But the U.S. media remains silent. They're as quiet as a church mouse. Why?

Japan's Ministry of Health just announced that "the Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines could cause heart-related side effects in younger males." Health experts in Japan have witnessed skyrocketing rates of myocarditis and pericarditis in young men and teenagers. And they've seen the same nonstop heart issues with middle-aged and older individuals. (KEEP READING)

Explaining the Cause of a 40% Increase in Non-Covid Deaths in the U.S. “It’s the Covid Gene Altering Shot Stupid!”

- Charlie Kirk

The Covid Pitch Meeting;

Satire has a way of driving home the truth (Video 5:28)

Investigation proves Pfizer vaccine offers less than 1% protection against COVID-19

An investigation by the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA) has found that Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine only has an efficacy rate of 0.84 percent. They added that Pfizer’s vaccine has done “more harm than good.”

The CCCA recently published a video and an accompanying 50-page PDF presentation that provides a thorough explanation of their investigation of the recent data released by Pfizer regarding the development and testing of the Big Pharma company’s COVID-19 vaccine. (KEEP READING)

1976 Swine Flu Fraud - CBS 60 Minutes News

Sound Familiar?

Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Luc Montagnier Warns Doctors: Stop the Covid-19 bioweapon injection! (Video)

Shocking! Dr. Peterson Pierre and how much hospitals in the USA are paid for covid-19 patients

Dr. Carrie Madej: Shocking Warning About Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

“I, _____, do solemnly declare that, with God’s help, I will be a Proverbs 28:1 Christian Patriot, “The righteous are as bold as a lion.” I renounce Satan and all his works. I pledge my faith and allegiance to Jesus Christ our King. I will courageously protect our God-given, unalienable freedoms and rights. I will defend the Constitution of the United States, which was written to guarantee these freedoms and rights, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. To this end, with a firm reliance upon the protection of God’s Divine Providence, I do pledge to my fellow Patriots, my Life, my Fortune, and my sacred Honor.”

Sign the Christian Patriot Declaration


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