April 18, 2022 Edition

Unimaginable! Disney Has Embraced the Sexualization of Children. This is pedophilia. #BoycottDisney

David Lane, American Renewal Project

The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by Walt Elias Disney [1901-1966] and his older brother Roy Oliver [1893-1971]. The company established itself through the years as the leader in the American animation industry and found fortune with its family-based, family-focused, and family-centered programming. Walt Disney died in 1966 from complications relating to lung cancer. He would have been thoroughly disgusted by those who have profaned and sullied his legacy and name.

Mike Huckabee opened his monologue last week on the demise of Disney: “[In my youth] the Disney brand was magic and Walt Disney was like everyone’s favorite uncle who was rich and had all the cool stuff. The Disney movies were dependably wholesome, family-friendly, and had a moral lesson embedded in the plot. (READ MORE)

SHOCKING: Leaked Footage From Disney Virtual Meeting Exposes Company’s “Not-At-All-Secret Gay Agenda” In Response to Florida’s Anti-Grooming Bill

Disney CEO pledges to make the Disney company as queer as possible

The Dark Side of Disney

Child-grooming DISNEY linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s PEDO island… #BoycottDisney

In today’s sickening news, Substack’s Emerald Robinson asks the question, “Why Was Ghislaine Maxwell Doing Fundraisers For Disney in 1985?”

From the story:

Photos of convicted pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell hosting an event called “Happy Family Disney Day” in 1985 have surfaced on the Internet today. It’s the ultimate PR nightmare.

It’s going to be very hard for Disney to claim that it’s not a pro-pedophile organization when it literally took donations from the world’s most infamous (still) living pedophile and “groomer to the stars.”


Americans Sour on Disney’s LGBTQ Agenda

Disney’s boasting about indoctrinating kids with LGBTQ propaganda isn’t sitting well with the American public, according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday. According to the poll, only 28% of American adults believe the emphasis on “inclusion” and “diversity” makes children’s entertainment better.

However, a plurality — 45% — thinks it will make children’s entertainment worse, while only 18% say it won’t make a difference.


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