November 18, 2022, Edition

Jared Woodfill, Aubrey Taylor, Dr. Steve Hotze, Weston Martinez

Aubrey Taylor, Dr. Steve Hotze and Weston Martinez in front of County Administration Building

Corrupt Politicians Suppress Voters and Commit Election Fraud in Harris County

Steven Hotze, M.D.

Criminal politicians defrauded the recent mid-term elections in Harris County by suppressing votes. On Election Day between 250-300 computer vote election machines broke down, shutting down some polling places and causing hour long waits to vote in others.

On October 31, I witnessed a man exit the front door of the Hiram Clarke early voting location alone with 6 computer ballot scanners that tabulate the votes on the paper ballots. This occurred around 10:15 AM. Aubrey Taylor and I questioned him about what he was doing and he refused to answer. We then asked the Election Judge, Grace Taylor, why the scanning machines were being removed. She told us that they had broken down.

What a coincidence that the computer scanners all broke down at the same time! These machines contain the vote count. They can be taken to a location where votes can be added to the scanners. There was no chain of custody. The man with computer scanners traveled alone. This is how elections are stolen. How many times at different locations did this occur during early voting and on election day?

I have filed an affidavit about this incident with the Texas Secretary of State, Governor Abbott and Attorney General Paxton.

On Election Day there were 24 polling places in Republican areas of Harris County that ran out of paper for recording the complete vote list for each voter from the computer voting machines. This was obviously intentional. Statistically, it cannot be a huge coincidence.


Dr. Hotze’s Affidavit regarding Illegal Moving of Computer Scanners

BEFORE ME, the undersigned personally appeared, Steven Hotze, M.D., who swore the following:

1. My name is Steven Hotze, M.D.. I am over 18 years of age, of sound mind, and competent to make this affidavit. I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein, and they are true and correct.

2. I am currently a registered voter in Harris County, Texas.

3. On Monday morning, October 31, 2022, sometime between 10-10:40 AM, I visited the polling location at the Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center, located at 3810 W. Fuqua Street, Houston, Texas 77045. I went there with an associate, Aubrey Taylor, to determine the voting turnout. I have included a photograph of Aubrey Taylor and myself in front of the Hiram Clark polling location. We were beside the entrance to the parking lot across from the entrance to the building. Around 10:20 AM, the door to the entrance of the building opened, and a man came out through the door pushing a cart with six voting computers with boxes on top of the computers. He proceeded down the parking lot to his Dodge Ram pickup truck. Aubrey Taylor and I walked after him and asked him what was wrong with these voting computers that he was taking them away from the polling place. He told us he didn’t know.


Aubrey Taylor and Dr. Hotze at the Hiram Clarke Early Voting Center

Man putting Computer Vote Scanners in his truck

Dr. Hotze talking with Democrat Election Judge, Grace Taylor

Tens of Thousands of Republican Voters Were Disenfranchised by Having Their Votes Suppressed by Criminal Politicians

The race for Harris County Judge has not been certified yet! What we're looking at right now is a very bad case of voter suppression in Harris County.


Aubrey Taylor, Houston Business Connections

I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now! Have you heard? Democrat Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has stepped up to the plate and called in the Texas Rangers to investigate the possible criminal conduct that played out in Harris County, Texas on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. I am at a loss for words right about now. She actually did it!

District Attorney Kim Ogg stated, “Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our democracy, and she’s right. She went on to say, “When we get credible complaints of election irregularities, we are statutorily required to investigate,” and she’s spot absolutely correct.


Governor Abbott Calls For Investigation of Harris County Elections

Governor Greg Abbott today called for an investigation into the widespread problems with Harris County's elections last Tuesday. Voters in Harris County were frustrated by confusion and delays including missing keys, insufficient paper ballots in Republican precincts, staffing problems, and more.

"I'm calling on the Secretary of State, the Attorney General's Office, and the Texas Rangers to initiate investigations into allegations of improprieties in the way that the 2022 elections were conducted in Harris County," said Governor Abbott. "The allegations of election improprieties in our state's largest county may result from anything ranging from malfeasance to blatant criminal conduct. Voters in Harris County deserve to know what happened. Integrity in the election process is essential. To achieve that standard, a thorough investigation is warranted."


Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg Launches Investigation into Harris County’s Elections Issues

-Brittany Taylor, KPRC TV, Channel 2 News (Houston)

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has called for the assistance of the Texas Rangers to investigate the county’s election issues from Nov. 8, two days after Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for an investigation into the widespread election problems.

Ogg said when the DA’s Office receives complaints of election irregularities, they are required to investigate. She said the results of the Texas Rangers’ investigation will be turned over to a grand jury.

Abbott stated that the county experienced delays, missing keys, insufficient paper ballots, staffing problems, and more.


Aubrey Taylor spoke about voter suppression to the Harris County Commissioners’ Court.

Dr. Hotze reminded County Commissioners Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia and County Judge Lina Hidalgo that the 8th Commandment states, “Thou Shalt Not Steal” and that this applies to election fraud as well.

Dr. Hotze's Testimony on Election Fraud at Harris County Commissioners’ Court (11/15/22)

Gerry Monroe Exposes Election Fraud at Harris County Commissioners’ Court

Commissioner Rodney Ellis Get’s Fingered as the Main Fraudster. 11/15/22

The Houston Chronicle is an Election Fraud Denier

Addressing fellow protesters from the Black anti-violence group called the Enough is Enough Crew, Martinez, a San Antonio Republican, who lost the primary for Texas Land Commissioner in March and is not Black, likened the election to a "modern day slave trade."

And then he launched into a diatribe that veered afield of the election.

"We are not slaves in their plantation anymore," Martinez said. "They don't care about one person, they don't care about one family. They care about taking your vote, raping your children and taking your tax dollars and doing whatever they want."


9 Proposals That Need to Be Passed by the 2023 Texas Legislature to Stop Election Fraud

Steve Hotze, M.D., CEO, Liberty Center for God & Country

1. The upcoming Texas Legislature should eliminate the use of computer voting machines. The computers are not secure nor are they verifiable. They can be easily hacked and the data manipulated. This is how the criminal politicians have controlled the recent elections across the nation.

2. Early voting should be eliminated. There should be an Election Day, not an election season that gives the criminals more time to commit election fraud. Make Election Day a national holiday.

3. The Texas Legislature should eliminate county wide voting and return to precinct voting.

4. Ballots by mail should only be available for the disabled or for those who will be out of the county on Election Day.

5. Voter files should be purged of the names of illegal voters; people who have died, illegal aliens, felons, people who have moved out of the county, people with post office addresses or vacant lot addresses, and names of “phantom voters” who do not exist.

6. Disassociate Texas from the left-wing organization, ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center, which is the epicenter of voter fraud in elections,

7. The Texas Election Code should be strengthened by adopting Florida’s Voter Protection Bill, S.B. 524,

8. All election fraud penalties should be increased to felony charges with mandatory jail time and monetary fines. These would apply to election officials who violate the election code as well as to the general public.

9. The Texas Attorney General should be given full authority to prosecute election fraud.

A Must Read!

Spot On Election Analysis:

“You’ve Been Gaslighted – Democrats Just Stole Another Election”

Wayne Allyn Root

When something is so obvious, if the outcome makes no sense, if the outcome is literally impossible, then it is what it is. Forget “proof.” You know it. You saw it. You felt it. You experienced it. It happened. It’s real.

The 2022 midterm was just stolen. Just like 2020.

If you disagree, you’re either delusional, or terribly naïve, or brain dead. Or you’re in on the fix.

It’s time to admit we’re all part of a massive experiment in fraud, theft, brainwashing, and gaslighting to a degree never seen in world history.


No Denial, Just Proof of Election Fraud

Kat Stansell, 11/11/22

Forget 2020. We’ve caught them in the act in 2022!

Recently Biden was propped up behind a podium to holler threats to “2020 election deniers”. It was laughable, pathetic even, as his own have been mewling and puking about stolen elections for the past six years.

My answer: FORGET 2020! The proof of our duly elected government being stolen in a successful Coup has been there for all to see since November 4 of that year. Only the most afflicted with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), that viral mental condition apparently more potent than Covid for some, still think Biden is really our President. They may never recover, but I frankly don’t care. Self-inflicted wounds draw little sympathy from me.


The FTX Bankruptcy and Crypto Currency Collapse, Biggest Political Scandal of Our Lifetime Is Unfolding.

This is How Democrats Launder Money to Politicians.

I don’t like to use hyperbole too often because then you become the boy who cried wolf and people don’t listen to you as much.

So I’m careful with headlines like this, and I wrote this one intentionally because I believe it is true.

Folks, this is the big one, and it may just be the thing that ends up taking down not only Joe Biden but the entire crooked Democrat party.

Let me explain…

You’ve probably heard about a company called FTX recently and its “founder” Sam Bankman-Fried, who goes by “SBF”.

If you’ve found the story confusing or too hard to follow, let me explain it really simply, because it is simple.

SBF appears to be a Government spook (or “Useful Idiot”, we’re not sure which yet).


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