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An important message from our Founder.


Before I tell you what is going on behind the scenes, allow me to share the story of Patriot Depot.

I started Patriot Depot in the basement of our home on December 7, 2007. I fondly remember driving down to the old courthouse in Dallas, Georgia to acquire my business license. I built the website, ordered the products, started advertising, and my wife packed and shipped all orders in between homeschooling our children.

One of our first hit products was a DVD called, Hillary Uncensored. At the time, we believed Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for President. Then, out of left field came a radical junior Senator from Illinois… Barack Hussein Obama. We pivoted and started selling the infamous “NoBama” bumper stickers. We could barely keep up with the orders!

Eventually Patriot Depot outgrew our humble basement, and we moved to a big warehouse in Powder Springs, Georgia. Leading up to the 2008 Election, we sold tens of thousands of anti-Obama products to a hungry conservative base. We thought for sure Obama would lose. How could a Marxist Senator beat a war hero and the beautiful governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin? Simple: The Media.

We underestimated the radical leftward shift taking place in America because of the Media’s influence. Obama won and I thought our business was over. But it wasn’t! During the 8 years of Obama, Patriot Depot continued to flourish and grow.

Eventually, the American political pendulum swung back to the right, and Donald Trump was elected President in 2016. That’s when Big Tech decided to step in and stop the conservative comeback for good. Facebook started deleting conservative pages to try and silence our voice. Google, Twitter, PayPal and YouTube joined in as well. The economic impact on our business was devastating. 90% of conservative websites vanished overnight.

Sadly, I was forced to sell Patriot Depot to one of the few surviving conservative companies. From 2017 - 2021, the new owners did a phenomenal job supporting and growing Patriot Depot. Meanwhile, my business partners and I started several more conservative stores such as, (featuring Trump coffee), and (featuring Trump cigars). Every day is a fight when companies like PayPal, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter seek to silence our voice. Even credit card processing companies held our money and even cut us off! There were days when I thought we would not make it.

Then something amazing happened. In October of last year, Conservative Broadcast Media & Journalism, Inc. (OTC:CBMJ) bought my conservative stores and asked me to stay on as CEO to run them. In June of this year, CBMJ also bought! For the first time in four years, the company I started in my basement was back under my command! Isn’t it amazing how God works in our lives? CBMJ has given us amazing support to grow all of these conservative stores in the face of incredible economic persecution from the Big Tech Mafia.

I wish I could say that we all rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, Patriot Depot is under attack again! This time, Facebook has shut down our advertising account cutting us off from millions of conservatives like you. And PayPal is holding $26,000 of our funds. These two attacks alone have cost our business more than 60% in sales over the past month. We are fighting back, but the hole gets deeper every day.

I am asking you, as a loyal customer of Patriot Depot, to consider placing an order of $100 or more today. Orders of $100 or more get free shipping! In fact, any order of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Our talented product development team is continually creating and sourcing amazing new conservative products that you can’t get anywhere else! This is a great time to do some early Christmas shopping for the conservative friend or family member in your life.

Lastly and most importantly, I am deeply saddened to share that the founder of suddenly passed away. CBMJ bought from our good friend, Aaron McCaughan, back in January of this year. Aaron loved God and loved America. He especially loved the men and women who defend our great country. Volumes could be written about Aaron’s contributions to the conservative movement. At, we give a percentage of every sale to catastrophically wounded first responders and veterans. Would you consider a special purchase of this delicious organic coffee in Aaron’s honor?

Can I count on you to place an order today? Our warehouse team is eager to serve you. I know some of you are waiting on the Patriot’s Edition of the 1599 Geneva Bible. Your order for that special piece of history will ship as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. It is worth the wait, believe me. Everything else is in stock!

In the meantime, I’ve included some of our most popular products below as well as some clearance items to help you shop.

Thank you for your continued support as we battle Facebook, PayPal, and the other Big Tech giants to stay in business.

For God & Country,

Brandon Vallorani, Founder and CEO

Trump's 1776 Project

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Trump 45 Whiskey Glass

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Trump .45 Caliber Cartridge

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Joe Biden Dog Chew Toy

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Trump Newton's Cradle

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Image of The Republican Club Puzzle

The Republican Club Puzzle

Image of

"May Freedom Fly Forever" Puzzle

Image of

"The Donald" Rubber Duck

Image of Donald Trump Garden Gnome

Donald Trump Garden Gnome

Image of The Great American Bald Eagle Duck

The Great American Bald Eagle Duck

Image of Gnomeland Security Garden Gnome

Gnomeland Security Garden Gnome

Image of Say Hello to my Little Friend Garden Gnome

Say Hello to my Little Friend Garden Gnome

Image of Trump Christmas Garden Gnome

Trump Christmas Garden Gnome



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