June 19th 2021 Edition


- By: Steven Hotze, M.D.

The progressive left, that embraces atheistic Communism, is at war with Biblical Christianity.

Many so-called conservative politicians and so called Christian ministers are unwilling to challenge the secular progressives, but rather want to compromise with them. The Communists are hell bent on destroying America’s Christian heritage. They understand that the way to destroy a civilization is by indoctrinating the children in the schools with a godless, worldly, hedonistic philosophy that undermines the traditional moral values of the Bible.

It’s through the government schools’ sexualization programs that children, starting in kindergarten, are taught to accept, affirm and celebrate perverted sexual lifestyles, such as lesbianism, homosexuality, and transgenderism. To instruct children about these perverted sexual lifestyles is a form of pedophilia. It grooms children to embrace immorality at a young age, so that they can be groomed for and easily recruited into these sinful lifestyles.

Anyone who allows children to be sexualized or teaches children about these perverted lifestyles is practicing pedophilia.

The Communists know that the easiest way to destroy courage is to destroy a civilizations’ Biblical moral foundation. (READ MORE)

School Demands Christian Girl Attend Explicit Sex-ed Class

Rewards affirmation of homosexuality, degrades students who deem it immoral.

Officials at a prestigious public magnet school in Illinois have been warned that state law forbids them from requiring a student to go through a "gender and sexuality" program to graduate if it violates the student's religious beliefs.

First Liberty Institute issued the warning to officials at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, or IMSA, in Aurora, Illinois. The institute is representing Phillip and Christine McBride and their daughter, Marcail. (READ MORE)

This Will Leave You Speechless (Video)

- Terrence Williams, Instagram

Children's Books that Teach about Freedom

Are Your Kids Being Taught to Support Socialism?

Our children’s books help you teach your kids how the world really works…

If you’re like me, you’re worried about the “new normal” society is trying to cram down our throats.

In the wake of Covid-19, the government has asserted its power, printed a ton of new money, and restricted our rights.

Our kids have had to adjust, too — and many of us struggle to know how to help them understand what’s happening in the world.

To make matters worse, the public school system, the mainstream media, and the entertainment industry aren’t helping. They are openly pushing socialism into the minds of our kids every day. (VIDEO)

Mike Lindell: The Supreme Court Will Rule the 2020 Election a Fraud

MyPillow.com CEO Mike Lindell joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how the Supreme Court will rule the 2020 Election a fraud in a unanimous vote. (VIDEO)

The Identities of Dead Voters Are Being Stolen in Black Areas of Harris County By People Working for Congresswoman Lee

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, the Congressional Representative for the 18th Congressional District (far left), Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis (second from left), State Rep. Senfronia Thompson (far right), and State Senator Borris L. Miles (second from right), could all have some very serious questions to answer. Why? Well, we’ve uncovered some fraudulent documents that you will find below in this report and have already turned the fraudulent documents over to the Texas Secretary of State and Texas Attorney General for prosecution. I would like to personally thank Colleen M. Vera, and her team for the hard work they’ve done to expose this corruption. Yes, that’s “THE COLLEEN M. VERA” with Texas Trash Talk. Now, before supporters of these four Black politicians start running around town trying to do damage control in efforts to discredit Colleen’s report, I would like to inform everyone that there’s much more to come – so the best thing to do right now is to sit down somewhere and be quiet. And I would also like to remind you guys that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, State Rep. Senfronia Thompson, and State Senator Borris L. Miles, should be presumed innocent for right now.” (READ MORE)

Harris County Voter Applied for a Ballot by Mail - 29 Years After Her Death

For the record, Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis is the County Commissioner for the area of Harris County, Texas where “DEAD PEOPLE” had their identities stolen back during the Tuesday, March 3, 2020, Democratic Party Primary. And once the identities of the "DEAD PEOPLE” were stolen, the dead people then supposedly requested absentee ballot applications from the grave. Then once the "DEAD PEOPLE” received their absentee ballot application in the mail, each of the “DEAD PEOPLE” somehow signed and mailed their absentee ballot application back to the Harris County Clerk’s Office from the grave. (READ MORE)

Progressive Left (Communists) moving to take over last functional, patriotic institution – the military: Whistleblowers detail hundreds of cases of ‘anti-American indoctrination’

For decades, the left has made inroads into every American institution, taking over the arts and entertainment, academia, science, the federal bureaucracy, and, whenever possible, local, state and national government.

The U.S. military has managed to resist this infiltration, but in recent years — yes, even during the term of the most patriotic president in two generations, Donald Trump — leftists have made progress in the military.

And now that Joe Biden has been installed in the White House, the push to drive patriots out and replace them with propagandized, mind-numbed Communist cadres is in full-force. (READ MORE)

Should Pastors Repent for Following Fauci and Officials, rather than God, about the Covid Restrictions?

- Doug Giles‘ Podcast, Clash Daily

So, should pastors publicly repent for obeying the commands of the Little Lord Fauci instead of adhering to the commands of The Lord Jesus Christ? If your church shutdown then you need to send this podcast to your congregants and your pastor. It'll leave a mark. (LISTEN NOW)

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“The Cure Is Much Worse Than The Disease. WE DO NOT CONSENT!”

Irish Physician, Dr. Anne McCloskey, Freedom-Alliance.org

This Powerful 6 Minute Message Should Be Listened To By Every Christian Preacher and Shared With His Congregation to Wake Up the Church of God to This Sinister Assault on Our Liberties (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson: Young people are being forced to get COVID vaccine, but it may harm them more than COVID (VIDEO)

‘We clearly have an imbalance’: CDC holding emergency meeting over COVID vax concern

The vaccine advisory committee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will participate in an emergency meeting next week after hundreds of young Americans developed heart inflammation following their second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 jabs.

As of May 31, the CDC has received 275 preliminary reports of myocarditis and pericarditis in fully-vaccinated 16 to 24-year-olds — a number that’s higher than what scientists expected to see, the CDC said Thursday. (READ MORE)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sounds the alarm over genocidal crimes of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates (VIDEO)



The first 5 1/2 minutes contains a movie clip that eerily reveals what is happening now with this experimental "vaccine." The interview which follows is equally chilling. Like Watchmen on the Wall, We Must Warn Our Family, Friends, and Associates about This Experimental Gene Modification Injection Developed to Kill Us. (VIDEO)

A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids' Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here's What They Found

A group of parents in Gainesville, FL, concerned about potential harms from masks, submitted six face masks to a lab for analysis. The resulting report found that five masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria. No viruses were detected on the masks, although the test is capable of detecting viruses.

The analysis detected the following 11 alarmingly dangerous pathogens on the masks: (READ MORE)

An Evidence Based Scientific Analysis of Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful

Advocates for mask mandates simply don’t have the highest-levels of scientific evidence to support their arguments. They can only cite low-level science – retrospective observational studies. (READ MORE)

Kentucky judge rules Gov. Beshear’s COVID, mask orders unconstitutional in breakthrough lawsuit

It took 15 months for a judge to finally apply the Constitution against the most severe and arbitrary violations of our most basic civil liberties, but it’s better late than never. (READ MORE)


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