August 19, 2021 Edition

3 Questions You Need To Ask About The Experimental Covid Injection, So-Called “Vaccine”

-Steven Hotze, MD Founder & CEO

Hotze Health & Wellness Center Houston, Texas

I have warned you to stay as far away from the experimental Covid gene modifying injection as you would a West Texas rattlesnake.

Whenever a medical therapy is being promoted by the pharmaceutical companies, or government health bureaucrats, it seems wise to ask yourself three questions:

Is it safe?

Does it work?

Is it necessary?

So let’s answer these questions about the experimental Covid mRNA gene modifying injection that the government health bureaucrats, the corrupt politicians, the paid for propaganda media, Bill Gates, Fauci and the one worlders want to force down our throats.

First, is the experimental gene therapy injection safe? No. It causes the following adverse health consequences. (READ MORE)

If I Were The Devil - 1965 Prediction (Paul Harvey)

REVISED: In the Declaration of Independence our Founding Fathers openly declared our independence from England, based upon England’s illegal and tyrannical actions toward the American colonists. This was the final sentence written by them in the Declaration of Independence, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

The following is a declaration that Christian Patriots, who follow in the train of our Christian forefathers, should take.......


Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - Covid “Vaccine” is Creating Variants

-Dr. Luc Montagnier

While it is understood that viruses mutate, causing variants, French Virologist and Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier contends that “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

The 2008 Nobel Laureate made the explosive comments as part of a larger interview with Pierre Barnérias of Hold-Up Media earlier this month. The clip was exclusively translated for RAIR Foundation USA, and is quite damning for the agenda-driven left-wing establishment. (READ MORE)

Massive fraud in reporting vaccine injuries; withheld data, pretense of “safe and effective”

ONE: A bombshell. Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter, August 6: “Covid vaccine maker Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects after vaccinations over a three-month period following the launch of its shot, according to an internal report from a company that helps Moderna manage the reports.”

“That figure is far higher than the number of side effect reports about Moderna’s vaccine publicly available in the federal system that tracks such adverse events.”

BOOM. 300,000 vaccine adverse effects NOT reported to VAERS, the federal database.


Concentration Camps for the unvaccinated

Concentration Camps may be coming for the unvaccinated in order to “protect you” from the “virus.”

The government has not only been looking for volunteers to round up the unvaccinated, but they are training them for the job.

RDCP Is Here To Round People UP – And YOU Can Help

Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium Organization (RDPC) formed in 2004 under the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

RDPC develops training for “small, rural and tribal emergency responders or stakeholders.” (READ MORE)

Why are there 800 FEMA Camps in the U.S., each of which can hold 20,000 people?

FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation. (READ MORE)

CDC Planning Internment Camps Called ‘Green Zones’

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published on July 26, 2020, a document detailing plans for what it calls the “shielding approach” to limit the interactions of “high-risk” and “low-risk” individuals under the COVID-19 dystopia.

The document states it will be, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, “physically separating high-risk individuals from the general population,” under this approach, and they will rip families apart.

“High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or ‘green zones’ established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting,” the CDC states. “They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.”

Families would be ripped apart for “at least 6 months,” the document states, and it gives itself room for it to last indefinitely by waiting until there are no more viral cases.


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